On The Watch “Its All About Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker”


Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua (20-0, 20 Kos) will be returning to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday March 31, 2018 on Sky Sport Box Office for a Unification fight against Champion Joseph Parker (24-0, 18 Kos).

This will be the first time in History that two reigning Heavyweight World Champions have met in Britain. The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Joshua will be defending his IBF, WBA Super and IBO Belts to Joseph’s WBO Belt along with both unbeaten records on the line.

Both fighters have their own views on how things are going to go down come fight night. Both are young, hungry, and strong and determined to become Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

Surprisingly the early trash-talking has been coming from Parker, who feels he’s got the right attributes to put a stop to Joshua’s reign at the top of the food chain. He’s even going as far as predicting a knockout! Parker’s a tough Dude who’s never been stopped or shaken in that squared circle to date. It’s clear to me where the confidence is coming from.

Joshua’s heard the entire trash-talking coming from the opposite camp and he hasn’t been impressed. Personally, I think the critical attacks from them have actually fueled his anger and in return we are going to see a highly motivated AJ pumped up to put a hurting on his opponent in an emphatic fashion.

For some reason or another AJ’s opponents are quick to overlook or underestimate what he brings to that squared circle. AJ is clearly still learning fight by fight but to assume that he’s a walk in the park is blasphemy. REAL TALK!

The winner from this Unification Bout will hold four of the five Major Titles, leaving Deontay Wilder’s WBC Belt as the last one to acquire.

This is shaping out to be quite an intriguing month for the Heavyweight Division. Who will fall and who will rise one step closer to Undisputed?

Who you got?


On The Watch “Its All About Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz”

WBC Heavyweight Title Challenge

It’s Official. The highly anticipated bout between two of the most dangerous Heavyweights in “The Game” is back on. Deontay has blessed Ortiz once again since their previous schedule bout hit a holdup back in November 4, 2017.

Now the due over between Deontay “The Bronz Bomber” Wilder (39-0, 38 KOs) and Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (28-0, 24 Kos) has been set for March 3, 2018 at the Barkley Center in Brooklyn, New York.

In my eyes, this will most likely be Deontay’s stiffest challenge to his career to date. REAL TALK! Wilder has been feeling himself as of late. His last performance against Bermaine Stiverne was devastating and quite the statement to the rest of the Heavyweight Division. Wilder is now claiming to be the No. 1 Heavyweight in “The Game” and is now out to prove it by taking out the undefeated Ortiz in a convincing fashion.

Now let’s be real. Ortiz in my eyes is an establish Heavyweight with the skills to pay the bills. Peeps can talk about his age all they want but can’t ignore what this man brings to that squared circle. He may not hold a title but he is definitely a major player in the Heavyweight Division.

The winner between Wilder and Ortiz will unquestionably change the landscape of the Heavyweight Division. Two very dangerous and heavy fisted Heavyweights are going to collide and take each other heads of with no remorse for one another.

Wilder the WBC Heavyweight Champion is taking a big gamble by accepting this fight has a voluntary defense, but then again, he is out to prove that he’s the real deal. In his mind, he is sure to take out Ortiz by knockout. But Real Talk, this is not rock, paper, scissors, anything can happen in that squared circle. Saturday night March 3, 2018 at the Barkley Center will be “Judgment Night” for two of the baddest Heavyweights in “The Game”.

The question still remains, who will be left standing in that squared circle come fight night?

Who you got?


On The Watch “Its All About Billy Joe Saunders vs David Lemieux”

WBO Middleweight Championship

Last night at the Place Bell in Laval, Quebec, Canada, I witnessed firsthand how seemingly easy BJ Saunders (26-0, 12 Kos) dismantled heavy fisted David Lemieux (38-4, 33Kos) in his hometown. REAL TALK!

I have to seriously tip my “B” hat to BJ’s masterful display of skill he performed with in that squared circle. BJ had absolutely no “RESPECT” nor “FEAR” for David Lemieux perceived and well-known abilities on that stage last night. BJ came on enemy soil and schooled, dazzled, out boxed and outsmarted the bully in his own house.

It was impressive to see just how dominant BJ was round by round. The man toyed with the puncher and made it a cat and mouse game by using exceptional movement and slick footwork to prevent David from ever being able to land anything of significance. David had absolutely no answer to BJ’s astonishing offence.

The “Kid” did his homework on Lemieux and executed the game plan to a “T”. You have to give “props” to his trainer Dominic Ingle for seriously reviving BJ’s career cause last night I witness a “World Class Boxer” in Billy Joe Saunders in that squared circle.

Congratulations Champ on retaining your WBO Middleweight Championship in such a convincing manner, you truly are a legit threat in the Middleweight Division.

Your thoughts on this one?


On The Watch “Its All About Vasyl Lomachenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux”

Super-Featherweight Championship

What was believed to be the most anticipated fight of the year turned out to be a one-sided affair between Vasyl Lomanchenko (10-1, 8 Kos) and Guillermo Rigondeaux (17-1, 11Kos, 1NC).

I know that anything can happen in a boxing ring but real talk, when you have two 2 Time Olympic Champions going at it inside that squared circle you expect firework! No Mas was not what I expected from Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Vasyl brought his “A” game last night but to say that Rigondeaux did the same is an understatement. The first two rounds started out like a chess match where both fighters were testing each other unsure of their next move, but from the 3rd round to the 6th round things didn’t look right for Rigondeaux. Vasyl started having his way being the aggressor with Rigondeaux without any real resistance from him. Now both fighters are supposed to be warriors with exceptional skills set to go toe-to-toe with anybody, no excuses! I was baffled when Rigondeaux decided to retire on his stool after the 6th rounds. Speechless! All that trash talking with all that hype only to have the bout end in a technical knockout due to an alleged injury suffered to Rigondeaux.

With that being said, history was still made last night at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Lomanchenko walked it like he talked it and retained his WBO Super Featherweight Title and won the first ever-professional bout between a pair of Two-Time Olympic gold medalists.

Congratulations are in order to the superior Olympian Vasyl Lomanchenko.

Your thoughts on this one?


On The Watch “Its All About James DeGale vs Caleb Truax”

IBF Super Middleweight Championship

Wow!!! When cherry picking goes wrong??? Tonight at the Copper Box Arena in London, England, a battered and bruised DeGale (23-2-1, 14Kos) got his butt handed to him in front of his home crowd. REAL TALK! What was supposed to be a tune-up fight in his first fight back in 11 months after shoulder surgery, turned out to be a hell of a dogfight for James DeGale.

I think that DeGale and his team dropped the ball when they chose #15 IBF Caleb Truax (29-3-2, 18 Kos) as an assumed easy mark for his comeback fight.

Caleb studied the game plan on how to beat DeGale and executed it to a “T” tonight. Caleb’s non-stop pressure and busy hands were troubling DeGale all night with no answer to his aggressive style. To me DaGale looked shaky and unsure in that squared circle. Caleb did a great job at cutting the ring off and controlling every round. I have to tip my “B” hat to Caleb for stepping up to the challenge at hand and outclassing James DeGale on his home soil by snatching the IBF Belt and becoming the New Super Middleweight Champion.

Tonight the odds were against you and you defied them all and came out on top.
Congratulations Champ on a win well deserved.


On The Watch “It’s All About Miguel Cotto vs Sadam Ali”

WBO Super Welterweight Championship

Miguel Cotto (41-6, 33 Kos) promised the fans a surprise last night in his farewell final bout into retirement at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Instead, it was an early Christmas gift to Sadam Ali (26-1, 14 Kos) in the form of the now new WBO Super Welterweight Champion.

Miguel Cotto ended his soon to be Hall of Fame 16 year career last night with a close 12 round unanimous decision loss to an underdog in Sadam Ali. Many thought this was going to be an overmatched type bout for Cotto to finish up his career but lets be real this is boxing anything can happen in that squared circle and Sadam made sure to silence the critics and seize the opportunity with an iron fist.

Cotto came out to give his loyal fans a good show. He looked good out there. He fought a competitive fight but I gotta tip my “B” hat to Sadam for never backing down or feeling overwhelmed by the amount of love that was in the air that night for Cotto.

Sadam stepped his game up last night and performed in an impressive manner. He looked strong, comfortable and smart within that squared circle. He had nothing to lose and everything to gain. He just defeated a living legend in Miguel Cotto in his first time out in the Super Welterweight Division. Your stock has just risen overnight. That’s something to be proud of Champ.

Win or lose Miguel Cotto was a warrior through thick and thin who had an amazing career. Retirement is just another chapter in your life; enjoy your family along with the fruits of your labor.


On The Watch “It’s All About The NBA-Who’s On Top?”

The NBA-Who’s On Top?

We are at the Quarter mark for this year NBA Season and in a surprising fashion The Boston Celtics are the ones sitting at the top for the moment with a 20-4 record. Now considering losing Gordon Haywood to a frightening fracture of his left knee, I personally thought this season was going to be a wrap but Damn was I wrong cause them kats over there are balling out of their minds. Cleveland has regrouped as of late and has gotten back on track by winning 11 games in row to bring them back up to a respective 16-7 record. It’s still very early in the season but I’m enjoying how the rest of the Eastern Conference is actually competing right now. Teams are definitely battling it out with no clear cut easy marks.

Although the Golden State Warriors are the Defending Champs and still the team to beat, the number one spot in the West at the moment belongs to the Houston Rockets with a 17-4 record over the Golden State’s 17-6 record. It’s a very close margin that Houston is hoping to maintain for as long as possible but real talk Warriors have yet to turn on the “Heat” and when they do the Western Conference might be in for a hell of a treat. Houston is balling and Harden is playing at another MVP type year once again. They are definitely looking like a team that could give the Warriors some problems along with the steady play of the Spurs 15-7 record as usual but only time will tell cause there are still lots of ball games to be played.
Injuries to various teams have hit the Western Conference in a big way, slightly changing the landscape over there. Definitely making things interesting so stay tuned in to all the action going around.


On The Watch “Its All About Errol Spence Jr. vs Lamont Peterson”


IBF Welterweight Championship

Undefeated and newly appointed IBF Welterweight Title holder, Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr. (22-0, 19 Kos) will be making his first Title defense vs former Two-Division Champion Lamont Peterson (35-3-1, 17 Kos) on Saturday January 20, 2018 live on SHOWTIME at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York.

Peeps in the boxing community are already predicting the year 2018 will be Errol Spence’s coming out party to the rest of the 147-pound Division. As it stands right now Errol is one of the most avoided fighters in the Division period. This young blood is ready, loaded and hungry to unify the Welterweight Division but the other champions aren’t too keen to step up to the plate and answer that call.

The only gamer to do so, so far, is Lamont Peterson, a well-respected fighter with the heart and skills to go toe-to toe with just about anybody in the Division. Lamont has won titles at 140 and 147 pounds. He just recently renounced his own WBA 147-pound Belt to have a chance to challenge Errol. This Kat is no slouch in that squared circle. Lamont is a proven veteran who’s been on that big stage before and handled himself pretty well so I’m personally expecting a competitive bout come January 20, 2018.

With that being said Errol Spence Jr. is “The Truth” REAL TALK! The Kat is nice with his hands and his body shots are legit. The Boy knows how to take kats out in that squared circle-hands down. Iron sharpens Iron and you can clearly see that his growth and development as a boxer have improved dramatically from bout to bout.

Spence is heavily touted as being that Dude to take over the Division but before all is said and done he needs to handle his business at hand in Lamont Peterson. Let’s see who bodys who, come Saturday night January 20, 2018 at the Barclays.

Who you got?


On The Watch “Its All About Sergey Kovalev vs Vyacheslav Shabranskyy”

WBO Light Heavyweight Championship

After suffering two humiliating defeats to now-retired Andre Ward, a determined and now refocused Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev is on a mission to regain the top position in the Light Heavyweight Division once again.

Last night at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, Sergey Kovalev (31-2-1, 27 Kos) had the opportunity to regain his first title he ever won, the WBO Light Heavyweight Belt back once again by defeating Vyacheslav Shabranskyy (19-2, 16 Kos).

On paper Shabranskyy looked like a formidable opponent to challenge and test Kovalev but to our surprise Shabranskyy found out the hard way that the so-called “Krusher” was not done yet. I’ve said this before and I’m gonna keep on saying it, there are levels to this Boxing Game and last night Shabranskyy was soundly out boxed and outclassed simply by a more seasoned and proven veteran fighter, hands down.

Sergey seemed to have gotten his swagger back by dismantling his opponent in less than six minutes. He knocked down Shabranskyy three times in the first round before the referee stopped the bout in the second round.

This was just what Kovalev needed, an impressive comeback fight with the WBO Light-Heavyweight Belt back under his waist. Congratulations on your emphatic win Sergey.

The road back to the top of the Division will not be an easy one. Dmitry Bivol holds the WBA Belt, Artur Beterbiev holds the IBF Belt and our Canadian Champion Adonis Stevenson has held the WBC Belt since 2013. The challenges are there and none of those Kats are easy marks but who will want to attempt at unifying the Division? All these Kats are talking a good game about it but who will actually do it?

Your thoughts on this one?


On The Watch “Its All About Artur Beterbiev vs Enrico Koelling”

IBF Light Heavyweight World Title

There is a new player in the Light Heavyweight Division ready to shake things up. With Andre “SOG” Ward now retired the IBF Light Heavyweight World Title was up for grabs last night at the Save Mart Arena in Fresno, California.

Undefeated #2 IBF two-time Russian Olympian Artur Beterbiev (12-0, 12 Kos) and Enrico Koelling (23-2, 6 Kos) were the two fighters enlisted to take part for the IBF Light Heavyweight World Title.

Beterbiev has won on every level he has competed at to date and this opportunity wasn’t about to be any different. His dream of becoming a World Champion was his for the taking by any means necessary.

That being said, in a not so exciting bout Beterbiev quietly dismantled Koelling by dropping him two times in the 12th round when the referee decided enough was enough and halted the bout. The fans in attendance weren’t too impressed with Artur’s performance on that night but having seen first hand how Beterbiev usually handles his opponents, I wouldn’t stress this one too tough cuz your Boy Artur can crack with extreme power and box very well. I personally would worry about the next Dude to duke it out with him because the Light Heavyweight Division is in trouble once this Dude gets it going. REAL TALK!

Congratulations “King Artur” on becoming the New IBF Light Heavyweight World Champion.