On The Watch “It’s All About NBA PLAYOFFS 2018”


Once again, this NBA Season was must watch TV from start to finish. REAL TALK!
Uncontrollable injuries and sudden surprising trades from East to West shifted the balance from good to bad depending on whom you’ve been rocking with from the jump. Whichever way you want to look at it two new faces from East to West claimed “Top Spot” at the end of this Season.

This year Eastern Conference No. 1 Seed is none other than our own Canadian Team The Toronto Raptors that finished the season with an impressive (59-23). This year The Raptors played with a different type of swag and competitive demeanor that wreaked havoc throughout the entire league. Them Boys are seriously aiming for that spot in the Finals to show the world what the North is all about. Real Talk.

The journey to the Finals won’t be a cakewalk judging by some of the new and old faces attempting to derail The Raptors on their quest. The bang-up Celtics, the young gunners of The 76ers, The Cavs and King James, The Pacers, The Heat, The Bucks and the 8th seeded Wizards all have a say in to how this Eastern Conference might play out.

Representing the Western Conference and the No. 1 Seed throughout the entire Playoffs is none other than The Houston Rockets with their imposing season of (65-17). Them Boys strait up snatched that No. 1 Spot from the Defending Champions Golden State Warriors (58-24). This year might just be theirs for the taking but judging how the West likes to roll I wouldn’t count the Defending Champs out just yet. The Warriors are walking into this year NBA Playoffs wounded but not ready to concede just yet. The Blazers, The Thunder, The Jazz, The Pelicans, The Spurs and the 8th seeded Timberwolves are all aiming to disrupt this year NBA Playoffs.

With this entire changeable outcome, I can’t wait to see that ball drop Saturday April 14, 2018 come Game Time!!

Tune In!!


On The Watch “It’ All About 2017 NBA Finals Champions”

Redemption is sweet and very rewording for this Golden State Warriors. 16-1 throughout the NBA Finals. Mission accomplished. The Golden State Warriors are now 2 time NBA Champs and the newbie on the Team in Kevin Durant made sure that his addition to the team was going to be worth it all come June. Durant played out of his mind with a determination only he could illuminate.

He definitely proved to all the “naysayers” out there just how valuable he could be come crunch time. Tonight Durant earned his first Larry O’Bryan Trophy and Finals MVP’s Bill Russell Trophy with a humble average of 35.2 points a Game. A feat well deserved. Props still gotta be given to the Defending Champs Cleveland Cavaliers, although the Cavs got done up in 5 Games they put up a hell of a fight REAL TALK!

Lebron pulled off all he could by averaging a Triple –Double throughout the series and Kyrie Irving showed us just how “BAD” this Boy can run circles on that court. The Kid is serious. REAL TALK!

With that being said this Golden State Team played with passion, heart and most of all has a Team. Their level of play throughout the season and the Playoffs showed me just how dominant these kats could be when focus on one common goal. Congratulation Golden State on becoming this Year’s 2017 NBA Champions!


On The Watch “It’s All About NBA Season 2016/2017”

The Newly Crowned Defending Champs Cleveland Cavaliers have cemented their names in the Record Book. The challenge for this upcoming Season is simple, repeating the same task. What sounds easy to say is unfortunately one of the hardest things to accomplish in any sport. REAL TALK! Cleveland will be the hardest Team to beat in the Eastern Conference hands down but will they be the Team to represent the EASTSIDE? Nuff

Teams have shuffled up their roster looking to compete. Our Canadian Team from ”Up North” The Toronto Raptors showed us last year what they were made off by reaching The Eastern Conference Finals but the improvements by Boston, New York, Chicago and Indiana make this Season even more interesting.

The most feared Team The Golden State Warriors, fell short of repeating last year but still remain the Team to beat with their latest acquisition signee in free agent Kevin Durant. All eyes will be on them and on how they perform as a unit. Anything short of an NBA Championship for them will be a disappointment, with that being said the Western Conference will most likely be a challenging warm up Season for them until June unless one of the contenders in The Spurs or The Clippers have something to say about it.

REAL TALK! Tune in this Tuesday night October 25, 2016 and be part of the “New Wave” taking over this NBA Season.


On The Watch “It’s All About 2016 NBA Finals Champs”

2016 NBA Finals Champs

Lebron James has come through with his promise and goal of finally bringing the city of Cleveland their first NBA Championship in 46 Season. The Cavs will go down in NBA History as the first Team to ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in a Finals NBA Championship to capture The O’ Bryan Trophy. REAL TALK! “King James” and company came to play. These dudes literally showed me just how much heart this Team had as a unit.

To come back from a 3-1 deficit in an NBA Finals game against The Golden State Warriors, the best Team throughout the league and the playoffs all season rendered me speechless. REAL TALK! I gotta tip my “B” hat to them boys for grinding it out and outplaying a Tuff Squad in Golden State.

Cleveland deserves this Championship, hands down. James MVP Finals numbers of 27, points, 11 rebounds and 11 dimes are royal worthy for the “King of The Court” in “King James” Congratulation Cleveland on becoming this Year’s 2016 NBA Champions!


On The Watch “It’s All About 2016 NBA CONFERENCE FINALS

For the first time in their NBA existence our team from “Up North” The Toronto Raptors will be entering The NBA’s version of the Final 4 has The No. 2 seed to do battle against the No 1 seeded Cleveland Cavaliers. It took The Raptors two series of Game 7 to reach The Eastern Conference Finals unlike the well-rested Cavs who swept their way through two series awaiting their next prey.

The Raptors have now proven to themselves that they are truly “battle ready” for whatever The Cavs bring to the table come Game night. With that being said The Cavs have been down this road before and they are the hunters looking to slay their next victims as quick as possible. The cohesiveness displayed by The Cavs in this Year Playoffs so far, is a testament of a Team on a mission, destination, The NBA Finals. Who will earn the honor of representing The Eastern Conference? Tune in Tuesday night May 17, 2016.

The No. 1 seeded Team in the NBA throughout the entire season has been The Golden State Warriors. They now hold the NBA Season record of (73-9) and if that wasn’t enough, they also have the reigning 2-time KIA MVP player and first time scoring leader (30.1 points per game) in Stephen Curry. Nuff said! The only thing missing from this Historic Season is another NBA Championship at the end of the tunnel. Their roadblock in the Western Conference Finals is the 3rd seeded Oklahoma City Thunder.

Fresh of dismantling the 2nd seeded San Antonio Spurs; these Kats have demonstrated maturity, willpower and teamwork towards one common goal, an NBA Championship. This series will have a Finals type vibe, must see TV at its BEST. Tune in Monday night May 16, 2016.


On The Watch “It’s All About NBA PLAYOFFS 2016”

This NBA Season will be cemented in the History Books as one of the Best Season ever played. REAL TALK! We’ve witness a Living Legend Kobe Bryant walk away from the Game on his own terms with a “BANG” on Wednesday April 13, 2016.

Kobe blessed us by scoring an astonishing 60 points in a Lakers win in his Final NBA Show out. REAL TALK! 20 years of greatness with one Team in the Los Angeles Lakers, 5 NBA Championships, 1 Season MVP, and the Lakers All-Time Scoring Leader. The Black Mamba to me is the closes player to be matched to the Greatest Player in Michael Jordan. REAL TALK! You will be missed Kobe.

The Golden State Worriers have also cemented their names once again in the History Books by dethroning the record-setting Chicago Bulls of 95/96, doing them one game better by finishing the Season with a New NBA record of (73-9). Unbelievable!! These guys don’t only own the West but the entire League. They have proven to be the Team to beat in order to get to the top of the food chain and has the No. 1 Seed in The Playoffs, taking them out will not be an easy task.

Golden State’s Nemesis in the West is non other then The San Antonio Spurs (67-15). The Team is resilient, well grounded and may just have the right tools to upset the Defending Champs. That being said we can’t overlook the strong play of The Oklahoma City Thunder cause these Kats are playing with a chip on there shoulders big enough to push them over the edge and into that No. 1 slot when all is said and done. REAL TALK!

On the East the No. 1 Seed belongs to The Cleveland Cavaliers (57-25) as expected but right behind them stands our Team from Up North The Toronto Raptors (56-26) Edged up and Battle ready to hopefully be part of the Final Dance come June?

The entire Eastern Conference stepped up their play this year REAL TALK! None of the series will be a cakewalk for any of the Playoffs Team this go around. This year Playoffs are bound to shake up The League in a positive way. Tune in this Saturday April 16, 2016 and don’t miss the Action of the 2016 Playoffs.



With the first round officially over, we can now focus on the second round of interesting match ups to come. Our team from Up North, The Toronto Raptors are finally moving forward and looking to “Ball Up” with The Miami Heat while The Atlanta Hawks will be having a deja vu moment once again in doing battle with The Cleveland Cavaliers.

The bad blood between the two is serious so we can definitely anticipate a heated series to see which Team will be battling it out to meet in the Eastern Conference. Some Western Conference Teams have had some serious setback; injuries once again have derailed some promising Teams of exploring their full potential, The L.A. Clippers suffered a lost that cost them the first round, while The Defending Champs The Golden State Warriors took a hit with Stephen Curry but were still focus enough to send The Houston Rockets packing early.

With Curry out for now Golden State is vulnerable but not out yet; judging by their first game onslaught which puts them up 1-0 in the series over The Trail Blazers, it will be up to Portland to figure it out quick and take advantage or be slayed.

The San Antonio Spurs will duke it out with the Young Gunners of Oklahoma City and has I write this write up The Spurs or up 1-0 over The Thunders and their first game was undeniably an exclamation mark type Game. REAL TALK! I’m looking forward to seeing how these series plays out! Tune In and witness the outcome.


On The Watch “It’s All About The NBA-Who’s On Top? “

The NBA-Who’s On Top?

We are at the Quarter mark for this year NBA Season and The Defending NBA Champs The Golden State Warriors haven’t lost a step since last years NBA Finals. REAL TALK! The Defending Champs are well above their competitors with a comfortable record of 23-0 and showing no sign of relinquishing their No. 1 Spot any time soon. With the steady amazing play of Reigning MVP Stephen Curry and a tight knit crew of teammates, knocking the Warriors off their tracks right now doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. The only other team in The West making any type of noise right now are The San Antonio Spurs with their record of 18-4.

Peeps shouldn’t be surprise by this Team cause they stay consistent with their play year after year.
As expected in The East The Cleveland Cavaliers are owners of the No. 1 Spot with a record of 14-7 but the question remains for how long since the surprising rise in play of The Miami Heat 12-7, and the steady play of The Chicago Bulls, and The Indiana Pacers heavily breathing down the Cavs necks. I’m sure by the mid point of The Season the rotation over in The EAST will definitely be different. REAL TALK! East Coast Ball is steadily improving making things very interesting on any given night. Tune In!!

On The Watch “It’s All About NBA Season 2015/2016”

NBA Season 2015/2016

The newly crowned Defending Champs Golden State Warriors will be entering this year NBA Season with the quest of repeating another unbelievable season. The Western Conference is stacked and competitive as expected. Quite a few teams in the West have done the proper upgrades to keep up with the “New Style” of play that the Warriors displayed throughout last years Season.

With that being said the Eastern Conference Teams have also done some improvements of their own, we can definitely anticipate a much more competitive level of play due to newly acquired players and returning injured players with the hunger within them to show and prove what they missed out on last year.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are expected to be the Team to beat in the East but truth be told the remaining Eastern Teams as a whole have also done their preparation and are all ready to push the Cavs out of that No. 1 Eastern Slot. Tune in this Tuesday night October 27, 2015 and be part of another captivating NBA Season. REAL TALK!


On The Watch “It’s All About 2015 NBA Finals Champs”

2015 NBA Finals Champs

It was written! It took The Golden State Warriors 83 Games from the start of the season to Game 6 of the NBA Finals 2015. 40 years in the making and today we celebrate Golden State’s first NBA Championship. This scripted journey was well crafted from start to finish. The No 1 Team in the league throughout the entire season. The rookie coach Steve Kerr guiding this Bay Area team straight into the Records Books with this Historic NBA Season.

These series were a testimony of just how bad The Warriors wanted it that much more from The Cleveland Cavaliers. Don’t get it twisted, I know that “King James” came to play judging by his insane NBA Finals average 36.6 points, 12.4 rebounds and 8.4 assists per Game. Dude was a machine on that court but when you are facing the No. 1 Defensive Team in the league with a depleted Cavaliers supporting cast, they were bound to run straight into a wall and Game 6 was just the case. The Cavs had no answer to The Warriors smart play down the stretch; hence this is why we stand here today congratulating Golden State for reaching their goal of becoming This Year 2015 NBA Finals Champions.

Until then The Larry O’Bryan Trophy will once again be vacationing in the West for the time being. REAL TALK!