On The Watch “It’s All About The NBA PLAYOFFS 2019”


Once again, this NBA Season came down to the wire with teams aiming to position themselves for some tough matchups ahead of the Playoffs.
New faces have squeezed in this year to make the NBA’s version of the “sweet 16”. The struggle for “Supremacy” will be tested on both coasts.

This year Eastern Conference No. 1 Seed overall is the surging Milwaukee Bucks (60-22). Their record speaks for itself. They are the only team to finish with 60 wins this Season. Real Talk! The Bucks accomplished that feat in style dominating teams with superior offence and defence. With Giannis “The Greek Freak” Antetokounmpo leading the way with his MVP type play, we might just see a new team representing the East come the NBA Final.

That being said, our own Canadian team the Toronto Raptors are not quite ready to succumb to the Bucks just yet. The Raptors once again finished with an impressive record of (58-24). The second-best record overall. They too are battle tested and now have their own equalizer in Kawhi Lenord to help them get to the promised land of the NBA Finals.

The Eastern Conference teams are getting better and stronger year by year so the 3rd seeded 76ers (51-31), the 4th seeded Celtics (49-33) and the 5th seeded Pacers (48-34) are all determined to disrupt the outcome of the Eastern Conference Playoffs one way or another.

Representing the Western Conference with the No. 1 Seed is the Defending Champions Golden State Warriors (57-25). The Warriors had to battle a little harder this year but still managed to secure the No. 1 Seed over the rising play of the Denver Nuggets (54-28). As usual the Western Conference is competitive from 1 to 8. Real talk! The Blazers (53-29) have the 3rd seed while the Houston Rockets (53-29) have regained their mojo with their MVP candidate James Harden balling out of his mind. James definitely has a chip on his shoulders and the only way to release the stress is to have a good Playoff run all the way to the Finals. The Jazz, the Thunder, the Spurs and the Clippers are all in it to win it. The Warriors are looking to “three-peat” and cement their names in the record books but first must get through this Western shoot out.

Tune in Saturday April 13, 2019 and witness the outcome unfold right before our eyes. Game Time!!


On The Watch “It’s All About The NBA-Who’s On Top?”

The NBA-Who’s On Top?

We are officially well passed the midpoint mark for the season with 57 plus Games played to date and lo and behold we have a new contender in the Milwaukee Bucks (43-14) holding down the No.1 Spot by a very small margin over our own Canadian team the Toronto Raptors (43-16). Giannis and The Bucks have been looking like legit contenders as of late. Real Talk! The Bucks as a Team are looking to secure their bid for the NBA Finals by balling hard every night with their MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the way with his do it all, no holds barred playmaking. Giannis is balling on another level right now and the Bucks are definitely benefiting from it. That being said, the Raptors still have a very good chance of claiming the No. 1 Spot in the Eastern Conference as do the Indiana Pacers (38-20), the Boston Celtics (37-21) and Philadelphia 76ers (37-21). They are all battling to secure a better seeding come Playoff time.

Holding down the Western Conference once again is the Defending Champs Golden State Warriors (41-16) but, surprisingly, behind them is the standout play of the Denver Nuggets (39-18). The Nuggets are the wild card in the Western Conference that can undeniably disrupt the seedings and possibly take the No.1 Spot if the Warriors are caught slipping. Real Talk! That being said, the Western Conference is still a tight and competitive race with Oklahoma City Thunder (37-20) balling hard while holding on to the third spot but could perhaps shuffle up or down with the Portland Trail Blazers (34-23) and the Houston Rockets (33-24) breathing down each other’s necks. The Los Angeles Lakers (28-29) have fallen off as of late but do have “King James” on the squad that could still flip a switch and turn things around and get back into contention.

The landscape is changing fast for both conferences and making it that much more interesting. Keep tuned in to see the final stretch to the NBA’s version of the “sweet 16” aka the Playoffs?


On The Watch “It’s All About 2018 NBA CONFERENCE FINALS”

2018 NBA Conference Finals

It’s time; the NBA’s version of the Final 4 is now set to start this Sunday May 13, 2018. In the Eastern Conference, since our Canadian team the Toronto Raptors loss focus and got swept 4 zips to the Cleveland Cavaliers’, we now get to enjoy a rematch of last year’s Conference Finals. Boston the No. 2 seed will be looking to avenge their last year showing and attempt to slow down LeBron and his 4th seeded Cavaliers from reaching their 8th Finals appearance. I gotta tip my ”B” hat to both teams. Real talk! The Celtics have stayed alive and legit even without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Haywood in the line-ups in the Playoffs. Reaching the Eastern Conference Finals without your two main stars should be evidence enough on just how serious of a team the Celtics are when faced with adversity. They are a well-coached team with some highly motivated players who are willing and able to ball on a next level if need be. As for the Cavs, losing Kyrie Irving and revamping the team up mid-season, had the Cavs looking shaky in the second half of the season, but when you have LeBron still healthy and determined to prove the skeptics wrong, reaching the Eastern Conference has a way of silencing all the haters. Unbelievable!! It’s hard to count LeBron out when he’s running the show. Real Talk! That being said stay tuned in to see who will be representing the Eastern Conference when it’s all said and done.

This Western Conference may be one of the best shootouts to date. The best of the best. The No. 1 seeded team in the Houston Rockets vs the 2nd seeded Golden State Warriors. A lot has been said about this year Houston Rockets. This team finished the season with a 65-17 record, primed and loaded to challenge the Warriors for that Finals spot. Houston dominated the season all year to have the chance to dethrone the Defending Champs in Golden State Warriors. This series will be a chess match. The Warriors have shooters on deck and so do the Rockets but the Warriors are the more experienced team of the two when it comes to the Western Conference Finals hands down. They both match up well but personally I think a healthy Curry might be the “ace” the Warriors need to take the Rockets out but then again; the addition of Chris Paul and a consistent play of James Harden might be the key to upsetting the Golden State Warriors. With so much scoring and talent on both teams this series will feel like the NBA Finals so tune in to see which team will reign supreme on the Westside!!


On The Watch “It’s All About NBA PLAYOFFS 2018”


Once again, this NBA Season was must watch TV from start to finish. REAL TALK!
Uncontrollable injuries and sudden surprising trades from East to West shifted the balance from good to bad depending on whom you’ve been rocking with from the jump. Whichever way you want to look at it two new faces from East to West claimed “Top Spot” at the end of this Season.

This year Eastern Conference No. 1 Seed is none other than our own Canadian Team The Toronto Raptors that finished the season with an impressive (59-23). This year The Raptors played with a different type of swag and competitive demeanor that wreaked havoc throughout the entire league. Them Boys are seriously aiming for that spot in the Finals to show the world what the North is all about. Real Talk.

The journey to the Finals won’t be a cakewalk judging by some of the new and old faces attempting to derail The Raptors on their quest. The bang-up Celtics, the young gunners of The 76ers, The Cavs and King James, The Pacers, The Heat, The Bucks and the 8th seeded Wizards all have a say in to how this Eastern Conference might play out.

Representing the Western Conference and the No. 1 Seed throughout the entire Playoffs is none other than The Houston Rockets with their imposing season of (65-17). Them Boys strait up snatched that No. 1 Spot from the Defending Champions Golden State Warriors (58-24). This year might just be theirs for the taking but judging how the West likes to roll I wouldn’t count the Defending Champs out just yet. The Warriors are walking into this year NBA Playoffs wounded but not ready to concede just yet. The Blazers, The Thunder, The Jazz, The Pelicans, The Spurs and the 8th seeded Timberwolves are all aiming to disrupt this year NBA Playoffs.

With this entire changeable outcome, I can’t wait to see that ball drop Saturday April 14, 2018 come Game Time!!

Tune In!!


On The Watch “It’s All About The NBA-Who’s On Top?”

The NBA-Who’s On Top?

We are officially well passed the midpoint mark for the season with 57 plus Games played and to everybody’s surprise the Houston Rockets (44-13) is the team holding on to that No. 1 Spot by a very small margin over the Defending Champs Golden State Warriors (44-14). Holding on to that No. 1 Spot in the league won’t be easy with the Warriors breathing down their necks but home court advantage come Playoff time would definitely be a plus for them if they could pull it off. As expected the Western Conference has remained quite competitive with the Spurs, Timberwolves, and Thunder, playing musical chairs with each other trying to position themselves just right for a playoff spot making it very interesting.

Holding down the No. 1 Spot on the Eastern Conference side is our very own Canadian Team the Toronto Raptors (41-16). Them Boys snuck up quietly behind the Boston Celtics (40-19) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (34-22) to snatch that No. 1 Spot. Toronto’s steady play as of late has proven to be a problem for a lot of the teams in the East. Real Talk! Peeps keep on talking down about how weak the Eastern Conference is but truth be told the Eastern Conference is actually getting better and better and definitely more competitive; just watch the play of the Wizards, Pacers, Bucks, 76ers, Heat and the Pistons as of late? Its do or die amongst them Teams vying for a Playoff spot.

Injuries to various teams and last minute trades have once again altered the league, making the second half of the season just that much more interesting. So keep tuning in to see who will make the Final Cut!!


On The Watch “It’s All About NBA Season 2016/2017”

The Newly Crowned Defending Champs Cleveland Cavaliers have cemented their names in the Record Book. The challenge for this upcoming Season is simple, repeating the same task. What sounds easy to say is unfortunately one of the hardest things to accomplish in any sport. REAL TALK! Cleveland will be the hardest Team to beat in the Eastern Conference hands down but will they be the Team to represent the EASTSIDE? Nuff

Teams have shuffled up their roster looking to compete. Our Canadian Team from ”Up North” The Toronto Raptors showed us last year what they were made off by reaching The Eastern Conference Finals but the improvements by Boston, New York, Chicago and Indiana make this Season even more interesting.

The most feared Team The Golden State Warriors, fell short of repeating last year but still remain the Team to beat with their latest acquisition signee in free agent Kevin Durant. All eyes will be on them and on how they perform as a unit. Anything short of an NBA Championship for them will be a disappointment, with that being said the Western Conference will most likely be a challenging warm up Season for them until June unless one of the contenders in The Spurs or The Clippers have something to say about it.

REAL TALK! Tune in this Tuesday night October 25, 2016 and be part of the “New Wave” taking over this NBA Season.


On The Watch ” It’s All About Celtics-Heat Game 7″

Celtics-Heat Game 7 will forever be remembered has the end of an era. I tip my “B” hat to the Miami Heat and their 3 Headed Monsters (Wade, James and Bosh) for qualifying for the final spot of the NBA Finals. My Celtics gave it a good run but the Fantastic 4 (Rondo, Ray, Pierce and Garnett) and the rest of the team couldn’t close out the game and eventually fell to a better team on that night, but lets not get it twisted, REAL TALK my Celts went down fighting till the last call.

While everybody had counted them out before the playoffs started, my Celts showed the world and all their NAY Sayers what toughness along with real good team chemistry could accomplish as a Strong Unit. Even though my Celts came up short in their final quest, the Blue Print has already been set for the next generation of Celtics to come and take over from where this great Celtics team left off. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” (Kevin Garnett voice)


On The Watch “It’s All About The Boston Celtics”

With the Celtics being both shorthanded and bang up, my Boyz were still able to grind it out Saturday night for a must win or go home game 7 vs the 76’s er. REAL TALK! My Celts are back once again in the Eastern finals going head to head with the Miami Heat’s 3 Headed Monsters (Wade, James and Bosh).

These playoff games could be the last time I get to enjoy my version of the Fantastic 4 (Rondo, Ray, Pierce and Garnett) run and do battle side by side, with that be said I know my Boyz, bang up or not are going to give it their best and make this series one to be remembered for the ages to come.

Their can only be one team representing the East in the NBA finals and on Monday night May 28, 2012, my Celts will be looking to start their quest and avenge there last year showing against the Heat by securing that last spot with a birth to the NBA Finals. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” (Kevin Garnett voice)


On The Watch “Celtics vs Heat Tuesday October 26, 2010”

On a side note For all NBA fans out there, there’s a must see game that real NBA heads can’t miss. My Celtics vs Heat Tuesday October 26, 2010 on national television. The New Big 3 of Miami will be facing off with the Original Big 3 of the Celtics in the TD Garden.

This will be a battle that will be nationally televised by TNT. There’s allot of talk right now that this season’s championship will be handed to the new Big 3 in Miami, but what the peeps need to realise is that Boston is one of the teams in the league that can seriously compete with the Heat about who will walk away Top Dog of the East.
After all, to be Top Dog of the league you have to beat the West which have the Lakers as the defending champions. GO Celtics!!