On The Watch “Its All About Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua”

Wold Heavyweight Championship Challenge

In a beautiful display of boxing at the open-air arena in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21 Kos) successfully regained his crown by defeating Unified IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO Heavyweight Champion of the World Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-2, 22 Kos) by unanimous decision.

A slimmed down and focussed AJ showed up tonight to silence all the naysayers who counted him out and rewrite the wrong of June 1st when he suffered his first humiliating defeat at the hands of Andy Ruiz Jr. at Madison Square Garden.

From round 1 to round 12, AJ executed the “game plan” to a “T” and never wavered from it. AJ stayed long and tall, moved and jabbed his way to a unanimous decision. The Judges scored it 118-110, 118-110 and 119-109 all in favor of Anthony Joshua.

AJ boxed and maintained his composure throughout the entire bout. Andy couldn’t close the distance or administer any type of sustained offence. AJ ‘s movement was clearly frustrating Andy as the rounds wore on.

That being said, the naysayers will still have some negative things to say about AJ ‘s win but truth be told, AJ dominated Andy in such a convincing fashion that cannot be ignored by his peers.

Hate him or love him, Anthony Joshua has now regained his rightful position in the Heavyweight Division and is now a Two-Time IBF, IBO, WBA and WBO Unified Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Congratulations Anthony on a job well done. Now on to the New Year 2020!


On The Watch “Its All About Gervonta Davis vs Yuriorkis Gamboa”

Vacant WBA “regular” Lightweight Title

Gervonta “Tank” Davis (22-0, 21 Kos) will be moving up a Division and attempting to become a two weight Division Champion by challenging Yuriorkis Gamboa (30-2, 18 Kos) for the vacant WBA “regular” Lightweight Title on Saturday December 28, 2019 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Despite Gamboa being much older than Gervonta, I’m anticipating this bout to be “Blazin Hot” when these two tough combatants meet inside that squared circle. Gamboa has been pushing an impressive 4- fight winning streak as of late and looking better and better every time out. Gamboa ain’t no walk in the park. He is a 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and a Three-Time World Champion at Featherweight, Junior Lightweight and at Lightweight. He’s a proven warrior attempting to get back at the top one more time.

That being said, Gervonta is a young undefeated star in the making, a Two-Time World Champion ready to conquer another Division. Tank is that Dude that people can’t sleep on. He has an abundance of skill sets that have yet to be seen inside the squared circle because he hasn’t been tested. Since his power has always been the equalizer, considering his high knockout ratio, but I’m hoping that Gamboa can bring that next unseen level out of him to the point where we can really appreciate a tough, competitive, back and forth type bout.

Tune in live on SHOWTIME Saturday night December 28, 2019 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia and witness an exciting year-end event.


On The Watch “Its All About Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz 2″

WBC Heavyweight Challenge

Don’t blink! -Is what the WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder (42-0-1, 41 Kos) said before defending his WBC Heavyweight Championship Title last night against Heavyweight contender Luis Ortiz (32-2, 26 Kos) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The “Bronze Bomber” spoke it into existence when he knocked out “King Kong” for the count. Real Talk!

A slim and trim, focussed Ortiz stepped inside that squared circle last night and executed his “game plan” to perfection. He boxed beautifully, composed, sure of himself and was clearly winning every round from 1 to 6 hands down until round 7.

Wilder, who had zero offence throughout the first 6 rounds only needed one opening, one second, one well- connected demoralizing right hand “Bomb” to close the show in round 7. Once Wilder connected, Ortiz could not recover in time to beat the count. Just like that, Ortiz’s hard work to that point went out the ring.

Your Boy Wilder is a real problem to the Heavyweight Division. That Thanos-type power that he carries in that right hand is the “End Game” whenever he connects. Once again Deontay has put the entire Heavyweight Division on notice. Good luck to the competition. Whomever wants to take the WBC route to the Championship Belt needs to be mentally and physically prepared and even with that in mind, there is no guarantee you will succeed once you enter that squared circle and Deontay Wilder in standing across the ring from you.

Until your next contestant, congratulations on your win Champ.


On The Watch “Its All About Tony Harrison vs Jermell Charlo”

WBC Super Welterweight Challenge Take II

It has officially been announced.  The highly awaited rematch between newly crowned WBC Super Welterweight Champion Tony “Superbad” Harrison (28-2, 21 Kos) and Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (32-1, 16 Kos) is set to take place Saturday December 21, 2019 at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California.

It’s clear from their latest press conference in Los Angeles that these two Dudes definitely don’t like each other. The disrespect is real, and the “heat” is building up whenever they’re in the same building. Real Talk!

Charlo wants that payback asap, that controversial loss to Tony ain’t sitting well with him but snatching that WBC Belt from Tony won’t be easy. Tony is out to prove that him beating Jermell last year wasn’t no fluke. The “game plan” that he executed worked to his advantage duplicating the same result would definitely silence all skeptics out there hating on him.

That being said, Charlo is that hungry Lion determined to recapture that gold back by any means necessary. Jermell wants to put a hurting on Tony in a bad way. But as the saying goes, styles make fights, and Tony is a smart technical boxer that can easily disrupt an aggressive style like Charlo’s when he’s dialed in and his defense is on point.

It will be interesting to see whose “game plan” will prevail when it’s all said and done. Trash talking aside these two combatants will have no choice but to step inside that squared circle and settle their differences one time live on FOX Deportes Saturday December 21, 2019 at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, California.


On The Watch “Its All About Canelo Alvarez vs Sergey Kovalev”

WBO Light Heavyweight Challenge

Middleweight “King Pin” Champion Canelo Alvarez (53-1-2, 36 Kos) added another chapter to his history-making career last night at the MGM Grand Arena when he knocked out WBO Light Heavyweight Champion Sergey Kovalev (34-4-1, 29 Kos) in the eleventh round.

This bout was a chess match played at the highest level. Kovalev’s “game plan” was clear and executed to perfection. Sergey proceeded as instructed with his stiff jab and doubling up whenever permitted. As good as Kovalev’s jab was all night it literally came down to who had the better tactical approach on the night.

Canelo showed exceptional patience from the start. He did not let Kovalev’s jab deter him from the plan at hand which was making every punch count with controlled aggression. Canelo showed absolutely no fear towards the visibly bigger Kovalev. It was a thing of beauty to see how Canelo was systematically breaking down Kovalev’s body attack round by round.

Kovalev showed great boxing IQ throughout the very close bout but seemed to tire in the later rounds. All though the pace of the fight wasn’t that fast, Sergey was visibly looking weaker and ready for the “end game”. By round 11, Canelo went in for the kill with a devastating two-peace combo that flattened Kovalev into the ropes. Nuff said.

With this win, Canelo has once again conquered his fourth Division and becoming the fourth Mexican boxer to accomplish such an achievement. That being said, Canelo is now the only active boxer to concurrently hold world titles in the Light Heavyweight Division, Super Middleweight Division and Unified Middle Weight Division.

Congratulations Canelo on another great accomplishment. You are truly defying all odds and literally creating your own History.

Until the next chapter Champ.


On The Watch “Its All About Regis Prograis vs Josh Taylor”

World Boxing Super Series Super-Lightweight Ali Trophy Final

Tonight’s World Boxing Super Series Super-Lightweight Ali Trophy Finals at the O2 Arena in London between WBA Super-Lightweight World Champion & WBC Diamond Champion Regis Prograis (24-1, 20 Kos) and IBF Super-Lightweight World Champion Josh Taylor (16-0, 13 Kos), came down to the wire.

This bout was a back and forth tussle from the jump with both fighters trying to assert themselves round by round while working their respective “game plan” and each looking for that advantage.

Taylor came to fight tonight and he wasn’t about to let this big opportunity pass him by. Regis, on the other hand, started a little slower and in doing so, to me, kept the fight a lot closer than it should have been. The visiting fighter Regis, should have kept his foot on the peddle and kept that pressure coming by being busier round by round.

That being said, this bout was a strategic chess match with both fighters performing at a very high level of boxing IQ with neither fighter backing down.

As damn close as this bout was, to the Judges’ eyes they scored it 115-113, 117-112 and 114-114 in favor of Taylor. Josh backed his trash talking by keeping his IBF Super-Lightweight Title and picking up the WBA Super-Lightweight World Championship Belt, the vacant Super-Lightweight Ring Magazine Belt and the prestigious Ali Trophy.

By defeating the No. 1 seeded Regis Prograis and collecting all that hardware, Josh has officially captured the No. 1 Spot in the Super-Lightweight Division. Next on the hit list is a unification bout with WBC/WBO Super-Lightweight Champion Jose Ramirez (25-0, 17 Kos) to decide the Undisputed Champion in the 140-pound Division.

Until then Josh, congratulations on your latest accomplishments. The road to undisputed is on the horizon .


On The Watch “Its All About Gennady Golovkin vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko”

Vacant IBO/IBF Middleweight Championship Challenge

Last night’s DAZN Main Event card at Madison Square Garden in New York City between Gennady Golovkin (40-1-1, 35 Kos) and Sergiy Derevyanchenko (13-2, 10 Kos) was nothing short of exciting from start to finish. Real Talk!

We all know by now what “GGG” brings to the squared circle night in and night out but last night “GGG” had to dig really deep and walk through hell and back for this one. Although “GGG” came out the gate early in the first round and dropped Sergiy with a left hand for an 8 count and managed to cut Sergiy on his right eye in the second round, the remainder of the fight was not as smooth.

Sergiy “The Technician” that he is, sensing the urgency of the bout went into full attack mode from round 3 to round 12. The effective steady pressure that Sergiy applied round by round turned this bout into war and definitely caught “GGG” off-guard at times and forced him to take more head and body shots than usual.

Sergiy stuck to the “game plan” at hand and executed it beautifully. Sergiy let his hands go and forced “GGG” to fight his fight. By that point Golovkin had clearly abandoned his “game plan” and resorted to slug it out with “The Technician” by administering substantial and efficient power shots that may have swayed the Judging.

Golovkin, visibly looking tired throughout the bout, still managed to finish the championship rounds with cleaner punches and controlled aggression down the stretch.

That being said, all three Judges scored it 114-113, 115-112 and 115-112 by unanimous decision in favor of Gennady Golovkin.

It was a hell of a close fight and the fans in attendance showed their displeasure with the score cards by booing loudly and rightfully so. This was not Golovkin’s best showing but undeniably one of his toughest bouts to date.

With this win Golovkin is once again IBO/IBF Middleweight Champion of the World.

Congratulations Gennady on becoming a two-time Middleweight Champion. The “Drama Show” continues.


On The Watch “Its All About Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz 2″

WBC Heavyweight Rematch Challenge

Heavyweight Luis Ortiz (31-1, 26 Kos) has been campaigning for a rematch with WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder (41-0-1, 40 Kos) since their last competitive tussle back in March 3, 2018 and his request has officially been announced.

Ortiz will be looking to avenge his one and only loss to date on November 23, 2019 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Although their first encounter ended with Ortiz getting knocked out in the 10th round, everybody in the boxing community knows that Ortiz gave Deontay the business that night and came extremely close to upsetting the WBC Heavyweight Champion. If it wasn’t for Luis running out of gas in the later rounds, the end result could have easily been in favour of “King Kong”. Real Talk!

That being said, we can’t front on Wilder, Dude did drop and stop Ortiz and we all known Ortiz is no one to play with inside that squared circle. However, having shared the ring with Ortiz, Wilder should be better prepared this time around for any possible onslaught Ortiz may have hidden in his arsenal. The “Boogeyman” fear factor will have no effect on the “Bronze Bomber”. Dude got his weight up and his confidence is already at 100! Nuff Said!

Peeps in the boxing community are claiming that Ortiz is now showing his age inside that squared circle but still being avoided by his peers. Personally, age aside, Ortiz’s skill set is superior to most sh*t talkers in the Heavyweight Division. That said I’m not ready to pull the plug on Ortiz just yet. He campaigned for the rematch with Wilder now he’s gotta make it count and show us fans that he can talk it like he walks it. Duplicating that infamous round 7 back in March won’t be easy but “King Kong” has got to bring it on fight night in order to have a chance at beating the heavy fisted “Bronze Bomber” inside that squared circle.

Don’t miss this action-packed Heavyweight rematch on Fox Sport PBC Pay-per-View on Saturday night November 23, 2019 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


On The Watch “Its All About Errol Spence Jr. vs Shawn Porter”

IBF/WBC Welterweight Title Unification

Last night’s Welterweight Title Unification bout at the Staples Center in Los Angeles between IBF Champion Errol Spence Jr. (26-0, 21 Kos) and WBC Champion Shawn Porter (30-3-1, 17 Kos), lived up to the hype from start to finish. Real Talk!

Porter, the underdog, laid it all inside that squared circle. “Showtime” lived up to his name last night and to me, outperformed himself by bringing it straight up to Spence from round to round. Porter’s “game plan” was clear from the jump to rough up Spence with constant pressure while keeping it awkward and standing strong by not letting Spence have his way with him inside that squared circle.

Spence was in a real dog fight last night and surprisingly was unable to command the bout in his usual aggressive fashion. However, the “Truth” stayed cool like his demeanour and weathered the storm by simply adapting to Porter’s rugged tactics by fighting blow for blow and making his punch selections count whenever the openings presented themselves.

These two Champions showed up last night administering some serious heavy leather to one another and kept it real tight all throughout the rounds. To me neither one of them really had a clear-cut lead until the 11th round when Spence scored a decisive left hook “money shot” knockdown that may have sealed the deal for him to win on a spit-decision.

By the end of the twelfth round, two of the Judges had it scored 116-111 for Spence and one Judge had it 115-112 for Porter.

I tip my “B” hat to “Showtime” Shawn Porter” for bringing his all last night. He stepped up to the plate while other competitors are choosing to side step to the “Truth”.

Congratulations Errol on becoming the New IBF/WBC Unified Welterweight Champion of the World. You walked it like you talked it and proved to be the “Man” to beat in the 147-pound Division.

Can’t wait to see who signs up next to face you.


On The Watch “Its All About Anthony Dirrell vs David Benavidez”

WBC Super Middleweight Challenge

The co-main event on the Errol Spence Jr.-Shawn Porter pay-per-view card at the Staples Center in Los Angeles was blazing last night. David Benavidez (22-0, 19 Kos) regained his WBC Super Middleweight Belt in a conclusive fashion by stopping Two-Time Champion Anthony Dirrell (33-2-1, 24 Kos) by a 9th round TKO. Anthony’s corner had seen enough.

It was a beautiful display by Benavidez. Not an easy one but well worth the challenge. Dirrell stood his ground and seemed to be boxing and moving well and keeping the rounds close but Benavidez who was visibly stronger and taller than Dirrell, started breaking him down systematically and patiently round by round with some serious heavy hands.

To me the “game-changer” was the left hook that opened up a horrible cut over Dirrell’s right eye in the 6th round. It was downhill from that point on for Dirrell. The onslaught coming from Benavidez was too much and the fight was quickly looking one-sided as the rounds wore on.

Dirrell was being walked down and outgunned from every corner. It was only fitting for Dirrell’s corner to pull the plug in the 9th round and stop the bloodbath from continuing.

With this win Benavidez reclaims his WBC Super Middleweight Title and becomes one of the youngest Two-Time Champions to ever do it this good.

Congratulations Champ. Now on to the next.