On The Watch “Its All About Canelo Alvarez vs Daniel Jacobs”

Middleweight Unification Challenge

Last night’s Main Event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas did not disappoint. Once again, Middleweight WBA, WBC, Ring Magazine, Lineal Champion Canelo Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 Kos) proved to his peers and the World why he is the “Kingpin” of the Middleweight Division, hands down, by defeating with a unanimous decision IBF Middleweight Champion, Daniel Jacobs (35-3, 29 Kos).

There was no controversy here last night. Both came out with their respective “game plan” and executed it as best as they could. It was a chess match from start to finish, a well thought out bout.

Canelo, the shorter fighter of the two, pressed the action and kept his hands busy with a very good jab to go along with steady body punches and a higher percentage of power shots, while Jacobs started off slow and was having a harder time asserting himself throughout the bout.

It took Jacobs a few more rounds to eventually get things going but by that time, Canelo was ahead on the cards and had already affirmed himself and knew exactly how to disrupt Jacobs’ offence.

The Kid Canelo is a serious problem inside that squared circle. If you’re going to start slow against him, you’re doomed from the jump. You have to stay on point at all times against this Kat, one slip up and he has you.

Although Jacobs was the bigger, taller fighter, Canelo’s in ring experience and boxing IQ made up for any possible disadvantage. This was a true test in every way. Two well-schooled Champions going at it on the biggest stage.

Unlike Canelo’s last bout with Gennady Golovkin, this was not a war but a skillful display of boxing at its best.

All three Judges had Canelo winning by the scores of 115-113, 115-113 and 116-112. (No complaints from me.) Listen, had Jacobs connected more with his power shots and started early, this bout could have easily been a draw. Real Talk!

That being said, with this win Canelo now captured his third Middleweight Title. He now possesses the IBF, WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine Belts. In order to completely unify the Middleweight Division, Alvarez needs to collect the last remaining WBO Belt from Champion Demetrius Andrade. Not an easy task but definitely one well worth the challenge.

Until then, congratulations on your latest great achievement. You truly are the “Kingpin” of the Middleweight Division.


On The Watch “Its All About Daniel Jacobs vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko”

IBF Middleweight Title

Last night, on HBO at the Madison Square Garden in New York, Daniel Jacobs (35-2, 29 Kos) once again became Middleweight Champion by defeating a very worthy opponent in Sergiy Derevyanchenko (12-1, 10 Kos) for the vacant IBF Belt.

This was by far his toughest opponent since his last bout with Gennady Golovkin.
Jacobs came out the gate early by dropping Sergiy in the first round and establishing himself from that point on. Sergiy, a familiar sparring partner bounced back and composed himself and made the fight as competitive as expected. Sergiy maintained an aggressive approach round by round but Jacobs’ experience and slick boxing made it very difficult for Sergiy to land any real significant punches all night. In my eyes Jacobs’ ring generalship combine with precise and accurate punches was what separated both warriors in a very tight bout.

Jacobs fought a brilliant fight against a very determined adversary who laid it all on the line. It was a very technical bout but the more seasoned Jacobs executed the game plan at hand to perfection to secure the victory when it counted under the bright lights.

Sergiy proved to masses in attendance that he belonged amongst the top of the Middleweight Division and can definitely bounce back from this defeat. He needed this fight just as much as Jacobs.

With this win and the IBF Middleweight Title in his possession, Jacobs has good options ahead for himself; a rematch against “GGG” might be on the horizon or possibly a unification bout against newly crowned WBO Middleweight Champion (if the price is right) or a date with the “King” in the Middleweight Division, Lineal Champion, IBO, WBA and WBC Title holder Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 Kos).

Until then, congratulations on a great win Daniel; you belong in the “winner’s circle”.


On The Watch “Its All About Daniel Jacobs vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko”

Vacant IBF Middleweight Championship

It’s just been announced that stable mate Daniel Jacobs (34-2, 29 Kos) and Sergiy Derevyanchenko (12-0, 10 Kos) will do battle for the vacant IBF Middleweight Title on October 27, 2018 on HBO Championship Boxing at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

This is going to be an exciting bout and very interesting to say the least. These two combatants have sparred together quite a few rounds. The fear factor is non-existent when you’ve gone so many rounds with one another.

This challenge would not be going on if it weren’t for the IBF Title being on the line. Friendship aside, this is an opportunity that neither fighter could afford to look over.
That being said these two warriors know each other inside out, strength and weaknesses accounted for. Both carry power and know how to use it.

It’s not often you see a head trainer having to decide which fighter from his camp he will have to side with but for this one head trainer, Andre Rozier, will be in Jacobs’ corner while assistant trainer Gary Stark Sr., to Jacobs and Sergiy, will be in Derevyanchenko’s corner.

I’m intrigued to see what the game plan will be when these two combatants and head trainers meet inside that squared circle, not for sparring but for a legitimate title bout that could push forward the winner’s careers in a major way. Real Talk!

Although these two competitors match up really well, I personally see this as a chess match that will come down to execution, patience and experience.

Who will deliver the goods when it’s all said and done?


On The Watch “Its All About Daniel Jacobs vs Maciej Sulecki”

WBA Middleweight Title Eliminator

Last night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York, Daniel Jacobs (34-2, 29 Kos) secured his WBA Middleweight Title Eliminator position by defeating a worthy contender in Maciej Sulecki (26-1, 10 Kos).

This was an exciting bout from start to finish. Real Talk! This Kat Sulecki may have sounded as an unknown to casual boxing fans but last night he definitely made a name of himself and showed the Middleweight Division that he’s a real -life player to be taken seriously. Although the outcome wasn’t what he had hoped for his aggressive style kept the attention of the fans in attendance.

That being said there are levels to this boxing sh*t and Daniel Jacobs is definitely levels above Sulecki. When the going got a little rough, Jacobs stepped up his game and showed Sulecki why he’s one of the top dogs in the Division. Sulecki was a tough customer who came out the gate ready to fight. The Kat’s got heart with no intention of backing down, but Jacobs is a seasoned warrior who adjusted on the fly and kept steady control of his opponent. It was a back and forth type of fight from round to round but when it was time for the curtain call, Jacobs knocked Sulecki down with a straight right hand in the 12th round with less than minutes left to wrap off the performance. Nuff said.

Jacobs needed a tough outing like this to keep him sharp and ready with that hunger for more. This win makes him a WBA mandatory challenger to Gennady “GGG” Golovkin and gives him another opportunity to redeem himself for his loss to “GGG” by unanimous but controversial decision in a close 12 round title fight back in March 2017.

Congratulations on your win Danny. Until your next bout stay focus and ready at all times.