On The Watch “It’s All About Forbes Hip Hop’s Top 5 Wealthiest Artists”

Forbes Hip Hop’s Top 5 Wealthiest Artists

This year’s Top Cash Cream Money Earner in the “I Get Money Club” to date is once again Mr. “No Sleep” himself Puff Daddy. Mr. Combs has kept a strong hold on the top spot for 4 years straight right now and judging by his latest venture “Revolt TV” Diddy has no plans of falling asleep on the job any time soon. His estimated Net Worth clock in at $650 Million. With that being said Puff becomes the first Rapper in history to crack the $600 Million Net Worth mark. Congratulation for that special achievement Big Homey!

Breathing down Puff’s neck for the 2nd spot is my Boy Jay with his estimated Net Worth $550 Million. With his latest venture being Roc Nation Sports Agency, Jay is showing us once again “He will not lose”. Aiming for that No. 1 spot is still a Hustlers Ambition.

Holding down the No. 3 spot is the Dr. himself Dre with his estimated Net Worth $450 Million. Aside from his production, Beats By Dre is the goldmine behind all his good fortune and REAL TALK! Business has been very profitable for the good Dr.

Master P is back on the scene and claiming the No. 4 spot after rejuvenating back his rap career. P is one of the originators who spent many years on the “I Get Money Club” with many profitable business ventures under his belt. His estimated Net Worth $350 Million.

Closing out the No. 5 spot is your Boy 50 Cent coming in with a cool $270 Million Net Worth. His hunger and Animal Ambition to succeed is one of the key factors why Fif stays grinding on the “I Get Money Club” and steady climbing year after year.

I Salute each and every member for the hard work they put it cause they all “Started From The Bottom” to now being Leaders of the Hip Hop Money Mountain in the Game.


On The Watch “It’s All About Mobb Deep”

When it comes to naming successful rap groups from the East Coast, one cant go far down that list without naming the Legendary Duo from Queensbridge New York, Prodigy and Havoc, known to the Game has Mobb Deep. REAL TALK!

They are hands down one of the most booming groups from the East Coast still doing it “BIG” till this day. Mobb Deep always made sure that the East Coast stayed on the map even when the East Coast/West Coast beef was going on the Mobb never back down.

They delivered for their city with their heads up high when their backs were against the walls. REAL TALK! With over 20 years in the Game Mobb Deep stamped their name in the books with some heavy tracks that changed the Game from the early “90’s” till this day. Now with seven Group Albums under their belt, Mobb Deep is looking to rock the Game once again by giving us that long awaiting 8th LP “The Infamous Mobb Deep” which is set to drop some time in spring 2014.

In union with the release of their LP, be on the look out for a Mobb Deep tour date near you. Mobb Deep is set to hit the road for a 31-date tour across North America, taking off January 10, 2014 in San Diego with possible future dates to be added to venues outside the U.S.

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On The Watch “It’s All About Rico Love”

Sometimes the path you take to achieve your goals can be the one that you least expect. Rico Love came into the game has a Vocalist and a Rapper but soon found out that his hidden talent was Songwriting and Producing dope beats. REAL TALK!

Rico has penned and produced hit records for the likes of Usher, Beyoncé, Diddy, Fantasia, Nelly, Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown, just to name a few. The man has the gift to create for any genres needed from him. His track record speaks for itself. REAL TALK!

It’s only fitting that from time to time the man behind the “Pen” loosens up his tie and enters the “Booth” to showcase his love and passion as an artist. Your Boy Rico got Bars and a Voice to serenade the ladies and feed the streets like a certified Fly Boy that he is. Check out his latest EP offering “Discrete Luxury” or his recently released mixtape “EL Presidente” Your Boy is talking that fly sh*t with the confidence of “G”.

For the doubters out there who don’t believe in Rico, peep my DJ Blaze/Rico Love set on my mixtapes section and listen to the man behind the “Pen” talkin that real talk!


On The Watch “It’s All About Drake”

Canada’s Hip Hop and R&B artist representing the country to the fullest is non other then Mr. OVO’s very own Drizzy Drake. REAL TALK!

The Actor turned Rapper and Songwriter has carved himself quite a story telling career resembling the likes of Lebron James when he first stepped into the scene. REAL TALK! From the time Drake got put on he demanded your attention whether you liked him or not.

The Kid got that “IT” factor that can’t go unnoticed. With only 2 but very successful Albums under his belt to date, Drake has already established himself as “The Kid not to be F*ck with in the Game” REAL TALK! He constantly delivers hit records after hit records; and his feature game is ridiculous and unforgettable, Dude drops jewels’ every time he drops a hot “16” His non stop work ethic and his will to be one of the best in the Game has already earned himself some serious hardware along the way; Three Juno Awards, six BET Awards and a Grammy Award to silence up all the HATERS.

The Kid from Up North is making a Big Name for himself. REAL TALK! Be on the look out for his 3rd album titled “Nothing Was The Same” to be released sometime this September.

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On The Watch “It’s All About MTV News’ Hip Hop Brain Trust 10 MC’s”

It’s a new year and definitely a new era cause them peeps at MTV News’ Hip Hop Brain Trust just caused another earth shattering earthquake in the Hip Hop world when they drop the BOMB by unveiling to the masses their version of the hottest 10 MC’s In The Game for the past year 2012. The criteria required remained the same

1) Impact 2) Buzz 3) Sales 4) Lyrics 5) Swag 6) Intangibles.

MTV bestowed the Crown and the #1 Spot to Aftermath’s Golden child artist Kendrick Lamar. Compton is unquestionably in the Building. K-Dot earned his #1 spot with an undivided decision from The Brain Trust Crew. REAL TALK! But from 2 to 10 these Dudes at MTV are definitely trying to uproar some s**t in the Game with that weak list.

1-Kendrick Lamar
2-2 Chainz
3-Rick Ross
6-Big Sean
7-Kanye West
8-A$AP Rockey
10-Meek Mill


On The Watch “It’s All About Jemaine Dupri and So So Def”

This music Game we live in can either break you or make you. REAL TALK! Some People come and go in this Game without ever being notice or appreciated. But once you’ve figured out the ins and outs of the business, the sky becomes your only limit. Jemaine Dupri did just that and never looked back. For those who don’t know or haven’t heard of JD, here is a quick run down. JD is a musical genius and one who’s worn many hats in the Game and broke a lot of records in the Business. He’s a Producer, Songwriter, Rapper and CEO of his own Record Label So So Def Recording.

From 1992 till this present day, JD has help guide some of the careers of quite a few artists of the likes of, Kris Kross, Xscape, TLC, The Brat, Bow Wow and also worked and produce for the likes of Usher, Jagged Edge, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Monica just to name a few…Jemaine has a keen ear for music and a crazy eye for talent REAL TALK! With that being said you peeps should look up some of his newer artist coming out of the So So Def staples with the likes of Dondria, Leah Labelle and Fresco Kane. These kats along side JD are destined to hit the charts and cement their name in the Game just like his entire previous artist on So So Def. JD’s entire career speaks for itself, the man is a hit maker who dominated the charts all year round, and I’m talking Number-one songs, Top-Ten hits, Top-Forty hits, name it he’s done it…he’s even taken the rmx Game and flip it in a way that can only be duplicated by some of todays producers…REAL TALK!

As I write this write up Jermaine Dupri has once again reached another milestone to put under his belt as another personnel achievement. His Record Company So So Def Recording that he founded in 1992 has now reached the 20 Year mark, a feet only grasped by a hand full of people REAL TALK! JD survived the ups and downs of the music business and cemented his legacy once and for all.

Congratulation JD! To commemorate his latest achievement Jermaine Dupri will be hosting a So So Def 20th Anniversary Concert, which will take place on Saturday February 23, 2013 at Fox Theatre in Atlanta…. I’m sure its going to be a night to remember…peep the show if your still in the area but until then peep my

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On The Watch “It’s All About Hip Hop’s Vets Taking Over in 2013”


Hip Hop’s vets in the GAME appear set to take over the airwaves in a BIG way for 2013. Peeps are going to be amazed by some of the faces that are going to be bringing in the HEAT to them Young Kats claiming to be the new faces of the GAME.

Now don’t get me wrong some of these Young Kats came in the GAME and did their thang in 2012…REAL TALK! but truth be told the GAME needs a BETTER STANDARD and more SUBSTANCE so these Vets are just the right Peeps to bring BALANCE back into the GAME. REAL TALK! Now for 2013 these are the Kats I’m looking forward to BLAZE LP’s from top to bottom.

The No. 1 Spot Hands Down Belongs To
My Man Hov-Poetry At His Best!
2) Rick Ross-Drops Heat Bangers Every Time Out!
3) Missy Elliott-What The Game’s Been Missing!
4) Kanye West-He Makes It Look Too Easy!
5) JadaKiss-Top 5 Dead Or Alive! Nuff Said!
6) Busta Rhymes-Has The Yongin’s Trippin Right Now!
7) Pusha T-Has The Streets Buzzin!
8 ) Ludacris-Ready And Loaded To Slap Any And All Competitors!
9) 50 Cent- Has Something To Prove REAL TALK!
10) Fabolous-Simply Never Falls off!
For My BONUS LP It’s None Other Then
LL Cool J-Cause He Still Got Game!!
Now That’s What I’m Talkin About!!! Veteran MC’s at their Best for 2013!!!


On The Watch “It’s All About Posse Cuts”

A Posse Cut to me can either break you or make you. REAL TALK! In this day and age in the Game we don’t see too many rappers from different clicks and part of town getting together and destroying a sick beat due to the fact that the respect for one another is bogus and that some of the rappers in the Game today or afraid of a friendly competition from time to time. Back in the day that wasn’t an issue, rappers from different clicks and hoods wanted to see how they could hold their own among some of the Heavy Hitters of there time.

Shit was real back then, if you were a real lyricist then you jumped on the opportunity to showcase your skills amongst other lyricist alike bars for bars, especially if they (The Artist) called on you personally to jump on that particular track. REAL TALK! I tip my “B” hat to Big Sean for giving the Hip Hop World a sick track in “Control” featuring Kendrick Lamar and & Jay Electronica.

This track is what the Game been missing, a “No Holds Bars” type of lyrical bravado friendly competition amongst one another and pushing all other rappers to step their “BARS” up. REAL TALK!

Peep my DJ Blaze/Posse Cut set on my mixtape section and hear what “THE GAME BEEN MISSING”.


On The Watch “It’s All About FEMCEE’s”

It’s that “TIME” again for the “FEMCEE’S” to show face and bring it back one time full circle. I can feel it in the air right now REAL TALK! Its what the game’s been missing. This is the year of the comebacks; I’m talking about them female game spitters and trend setters like Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, EVE, Brat, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Rah Digga, Sharrefa, Lady Luck, Jean Grae, Trina, Shawnna, even radio personnel Angie Martinez got bars for days. (And that’s just to name a few) Presently speaking the new bread of “FEMCEE’S” head runner for the last couple of years and still going strong; is none other then Platinum selling artist Miss Nicki Minaj, she’s definitely the new generations leader HANDS DOWN!

But let’s not get it twisted them new girls of the likes of Brianna, Dimond, Patwa, Honey Cocaine, Teyana Taylor, Lola Monroe and Iggy Azalea are not to be taken lightly, cause these girls stay on their grind and keep the internet hustle game buzzing all year round. Its “TIME” for the female vets in the game and the new crop of “FEMCEE’S” to really show the Hip Hop world what impact and competitiveness these girls can bring to a male dominated industry. REAL TALK!

Peep my DJ Blaze Ladies Night set (Pass and Present) on my mixtape section and see where I’m coming from with it.


On The Watch “Source Magazine The Top 50 Lyrical Leaders Of All Time”

In this month Source Magazine, the power to be took a jab at what they think The Top 50 Lyrical Leaders of all time should look like. Now keep in mind that attempting to come up with such a list in this here Hip Hop game is a challenge within itself, now with that being said I was happy to read that this was by no mean their Hottest Mc’s list cause REAL TALK that list would have needed some major reconstructing done (in my opinion). One key criteria needed for each MC’s on this list was at least 2 LP’s in their respectful careers. Now here’s a quick run down of what their Lyrical Leaders looks like.

1-Rakim, 2-Nas, 3-The Notorious B.I.G., 4-Jay-Z, 5-2 Pac, 6-Eminem, 7-KRS-1, 8-Big Daddy Kane 9-Lauryn Hill, 10-Melle Mel, 11-LL Cool J, 12-Chuck D, 13-Andre 3000,Chuck D, 14-Ice Cube, 15-Slick Rick, 16-Scarface, 17-The D.O.C. 18-Kool G Rap, 19-Big Pun, 20-Q-Tip, 21-Redman, 22-Common, 23-Mos Def, 24-Jadakiss, 25-Queen Latifah, 26-Big L, 27-Pharoahe Monch 28-Talib Kweli, 29-Snoop Dogg, 30-Guru, 31-Kanye West, 32-Gza, 33-Method Man, 34-Black Thought, 35,Bun B, 36-Lil Wayne, 37-Busta Rhymes, 38-Posdnous, 39-Protigy, 40-T.I., 41-Fabolous, 42-Ludacris, 43-DMX, 44-Canibus, 45-Lil Kim, 46-Rick Ross, 47-Styles P, 48-Royce Da 5’9”, 49-Lupe Fasco, 50-50 Cent.