On The Watch “IT’s All About Bobby Brackins”

One of Cali’s “Hidden Gem” in Super Songwriter Bobby Brackins is killing the airwaves with the release of his latest EP “To Live For.” B. Brackins has been penning gems for quite a few chart topping artist in the Game to date but this EP “To Live For” we get to hear just how talented B. Brackins is when he’s at the far front and not in the cut blessing other artist with them club popping joints. REAL TALK!

B. Brackins stayed true to himself and delivered us “another hit for the radio station.” His extensive ear for “Dope Beats” is on full display along with the right features that make this EP a sure shot for the summer.

B. Brackins is a self-made artist who’s been at it for quite some time but his steady grind and “PEN Game” is proof that his hard work to date is finally paying off. Cop the EP “To Live For” you will not be disappointed.

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On The Watch “It’s All About Eric Bellinger”

Eric Bellinger the unsung music assassin is at it again. Congratulation on the release of your highly anticipated “Cuffing Season” LP! You stayed true to the GAME and blessed us with a tight Album from top to bottom. That old school 90’s vibe mixed in with that Hip Hop R&B is BANGIN! REAL TALK!

The growth and maturity in your “PEN” GAME is well displayed on this Album. Match that up with the countless features you’ve blessed us with so far this year and your Boy Eric B is staying winning on them charts. REAL TALK!

You’re keeping that New wave of R&B alive and ticking. “Cuffing Season” is the type of Album that any real R&B fan can truly enjoy for their moneys worth. REAL TALK! Judging by the features and productions your Boy is definitely on the come up and on the right track.

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On The Watch “It’s All About Breezy”

These past few years have been very challenging on a personal level for Breezy, but don’t let the personal issues blind your judgement on this Kat cause your Boy Breezy is a “BEAST “on the grind once again. Breezy finished the Year 2014 on the top and started the New Year 2015 still blazin it up. REAL TALK!

Hits after Hits, Features after Features, your Boy stays high charting them tracks. Breezy has every music outlet on “LOCK” The Radio stations, The Clubs, Video play and the Blogs all over are Blazin up his “HITS” on a daily.

(Blazinone.com included) Good luck to the competition trying to derail this Kat off that No. 1 Spot that he’s been holding cause when focus your Boy is the “TRUTH” The Fan Of Fan 2 LP with Tyga is set to drop this month and judging by the production and the “HIT” records blazon up that LP already, Breezy has once again outdone himself and placed the Hip Hop/R&B world on notice that he and his Partner in Crime (T-Raw) are not to be F*ck with.

The body of work displayed on this LP is definitely going to be blazin the airwaves steady in high rotation. Till then peep my DJ Blaze/Breezy Takeover set on my mixtape section and become a fan of a fan.


On The Watch “It’s All About Will.I.Am”

Will.I.Am who is a founding member of The Black Eyed Peas, has crafted himself quite a career as a solo artist. With four solo LP’s under his belt to date; one can clearly appreciate just how talented and gifted he really is. Being able to write and produce your own music can open up so many doors for an artist of his caliber.

With such a futuristic mind, Will.I.Am is constantly pushing the boundaries of his creativity. His sound is electrifying and distinctive all in one. The Clubs and the Radio stations constantly keep him in rotation. The music that Will.I.Am creates is known and appreciated worldwide.

His ear for the production side has also lured some of today’s top notch artists in the Game to create some memorable collaborations such as; the late Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Usher, Justin Bieber and David Guetta, just to name a few. Will.I.Am’s style of music is bound to make you move some how some way.

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On The Watch “It’s All About Ace Hood”

Ace Hood is one of the most underrated rappers in the Game today but with that being said he is as well one of the most talented young MC still killing the Game. His drive and dedication towards the Game speaks for itself.

Ace may be young in age but you’ll never know it by the way he keeps them tracks coming left and right straight HEAT BANGERS for the clubs and the streets. With 13 Mixtapes and 3 LP’s to date under his belt, you can clearly see that Ace is no slouch on the Mic, REAL TALK!

Homey got bars for days and that’s for any hot feature needed, Hip Hop are R&B your Boy Ace got them hot “16″s on the go. Ace stays on his grind day in and day out if he’s not on your radar right now then you’re a sleeper. His next LP to be release some time this year is titled Trials & Tribulation.

Keep your ears and eyes on this Kat cause your Boy Ace is determined to make it to the top. REAL TALK! Until then check out my DJ Blaze/Ace Hood set on my mixtape section and see just how smooth your Boy Ace is on them beats.


On The Watch ” It’s All About Busta Rhymes”


I’ve said it before and I will say it again Busta is a rare breed of an MC, the kind of veteran MC that the Hip Hop world should take notice of and appreciate for all the bars and gems he crafted throughout such a hard working and ever changing career.

Busta Rhymes is recognized has a top notch MC who’s not to be f**k with. Whether you hear him on a straight Hard Core Hip Hop track or a crazy RnB club banger; your Boy Bussa Buss always delivers. With his new partnership with Google and with the release of his new and FREE LP Year of The Dragon being release exclusively through the Google search engine, Busta Rhymes has once again figured out a way to reestablish himself and his Conglomerate crew as a force to be taken seriously in this New Age Hip Hop Game.

With the help of YMCMB and Google, Busta Rhymes plans on taking the release of The Year of The Dragon has a gateway into enticing new and old consumers to come and ride with Bussa Buss on this new journey of his…

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On The Watch “MTV News’ Hip Hop Brain Trust Hottest 10 MC’s In The Game for 2011”

Its that time of the year again when MTV News’ Hip Hop Brain Trust confuse the Hip Hop world by unveiling to the masses their version of the Hottest 10 MC’s In The Game for 2011.
The criteria required were as fallowed: 1) Impact 2) Buzz 3) Sales 4) Lyrics 5) Swag 6) Intangibles.

MTV bequeathed Ross with the #1 spot. REAL TALK! Ross definitely killed it in every criteria HANDS DOWN, (no dispute there) but from 2 to 10 we definitely need a referee in the

Building for this one. Peep what I’m talking about.

1-Rick Ross
3-Kanye West
4-Nicki Minaj
5-Lil Wayne
7-Meek Mill
8-Big Sean
9-Wiz Khalifa


On The Watch “It’s All About Fabolous”

There’s another rapper from the Bedford-Stuy neighborhood other then Jay-Z; who’s paved himself quite the career in this here music game. Your Boy Fabolous is one of the utmost consistent hard working Rappers in the game today.

Fab as been in this game since 1998 and from the time he dropped his first verse on his first LP he’s been blazin up the charts with HEAT BANGERS all the way through from his latest mixtapes. Fab knows how to keep his fans coming back anticipating more; If you got an R&B track in need of a hot 16, Fab is the guy to bless it right. As expected Fab always brings his A Game on every guest verse and never disappoints.

Fabolous is one of the most well rounded MC’s in the game today; that is why in 2009, MTV rewarded Fab with a 8th spot ranking on their version of The Hottest MC’s in the Game list. REAL TALK! Be on the look out for Fab’s sixth LP due sometime this year.

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On The Watch “It’s All About PitBull”

Pitbull aka Mr. Worldwide is not just a rapper, singer-songwriter and a record producer; he’s a brand within himself who has managed in a short period of time to branch out all over the world while catering to all genre of music out there. I’m talking about Hip Hop, Urban, Latin, Pop and European. Pitbull’s fan base is ridiculous and his style of music holds no boundaries. Mr. Worldwide is known to deliver hit records at a steady pace. REAL TALK!

Check the charts across the board; Pitbull is constantly on the top 100, top ten in Canada, UK, Italy, France, The Netherlands and the European top 100. Clubs can’t get enough of him; Radio stations have Mr. Worldwide in heavy rotation daily. Due to his positive influence in the entertainment industry; Pitbull will be receiving top honors at the 19th Annual BMI Awards show, which will take place this March, in Las Vegas. An award well deserved to a man who never stop believing in himself.

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