On The Watch “Its All About Demetrius Andrade vs Maciej Sulecki”

WBO Middleweight Title Challenge

In his first hometown fight last Saturday night in DAZN’s main event at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Rhode Island, Providence, WBO Middleweight Champion Demetrius Andrade (28-0 17 Kos) had himself a showcase type performance in shutting out highly ranked Maciej Sulecki (28-2, 11 Kos).

It was clear from the first round that there are levels to this Boxing sh*t and Sulecki found that out quick when he got dropped for an 8 count. No disrespect to Sulecki who was a worthy opponent but, on that night, Sulecki had met his match. I expected to see a competitive bout between them two but as the rounds wore on Andrade’s superior skills were on full display and turned the bout into a glorified sparring session for his home crowd to witness live.

Sulecki seemed out of place and had absolutely no answer to Andrade’s slick offensive attack and defensive skills. Truth be told this was the first time I saw Sulecki get outboxed and literally shutout for a full twelve rounds of action. No other opponent has ever had this much success against him until that night. All three of the Judges scored it 120-107 for Andrade.

That being said, Andrade is a serious problem in the Middleweight Division and to any competitors game enough to step into that squared circle with him. I personally think we still haven’t seen the best of Andrade yet. But if the Unified “Kingpin” Champion of the Middleweight Division Canelo Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 Kos) were ever to accept his challenge maybe then we would see Andrade’s full arsenal on display and finally get the best fighting the best for Undisputed Middleweight Champion of the World. Just a thought.

Until then Demetrius keep piling up them wins, your call will be answered soon.


On The Watch “Its All About Demetrius Andrade vs Maciej Sulecki”

WBO Middleweight challenge

WBO Middleweight Champion Demetrius Andrade (27-0, 17 Kos) will be looking to defend his title for the second time in his first ever hometown show at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Rhode Island, Providence against Maciej Sulecki (28-1, 14 Kos) on Saturday June 29, 2019.

This bout should be an exciting one considering Sulecki is a gamer type fighter that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Maciej is a strong and skillful fighter who doesn’t back down when the going gets tough inside that squared circle. This being his first crack at a world title, I’m expecting Sulecki to come prepared with the gloves blazing for a war.

That being said, Andrade is the truth inside that squared circle. Tough, gifted, well-schooled with a very high boxing IQ. He is an undefeated two-time two-weight division World Champion who is presently holding the WBO Middleweight Title. Real Talk! Andrade has high aspirations of one day unifying the Middleweight Division. Before any of that can happen, he’s got to dispatch of his mandatory challenger Maciej Sulecki in a convincing fashion in order to possibly entice Canelo Alvarez the Unified “Kingpin“ Champion of the Middleweight Division to a fight for the last remaining piece of the puzzle, his WBO Middleweight Belt.

There are levels to this boxing sh*t and on Saturday July 29, 2019 at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Rhode Island, Providence, with home court advantage, I’m expecting Andrade to put on a skillful display inside that squared circle and walk away satisfying his fans and family with the win and the WBO Belt still in his possession.

Tune in live on DAZN and Sky Sports for a thrilling night of Boxing.


On The Watch “Its All About Canelo Alvarez vs Daniel Jacobs”

Middleweight Unification Challenge

Last night’s Main Event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas did not disappoint. Once again, Middleweight WBA, WBC, Ring Magazine, Lineal Champion Canelo Alvarez (52-1-2, 35 Kos) proved to his peers and the World why he is the “Kingpin” of the Middleweight Division, hands down, by defeating with a unanimous decision IBF Middleweight Champion, Daniel Jacobs (35-3, 29 Kos).

There was no controversy here last night. Both came out with their respective “game plan” and executed it as best as they could. It was a chess match from start to finish, a well thought out bout.

Canelo, the shorter fighter of the two, pressed the action and kept his hands busy with a very good jab to go along with steady body punches and a higher percentage of power shots, while Jacobs started off slow and was having a harder time asserting himself throughout the bout.

It took Jacobs a few more rounds to eventually get things going but by that time, Canelo was ahead on the cards and had already affirmed himself and knew exactly how to disrupt Jacobs’ offence.

The Kid Canelo is a serious problem inside that squared circle. If you’re going to start slow against him, you’re doomed from the jump. You have to stay on point at all times against this Kat, one slip up and he has you.

Although Jacobs was the bigger, taller fighter, Canelo’s in ring experience and boxing IQ made up for any possible disadvantage. This was a true test in every way. Two well-schooled Champions going at it on the biggest stage.

Unlike Canelo’s last bout with Gennady Golovkin, this was not a war but a skillful display of boxing at its best.

All three Judges had Canelo winning by the scores of 115-113, 115-113 and 116-112. (No complaints from me.) Listen, had Jacobs connected more with his power shots and started early, this bout could have easily been a draw. Real Talk!

That being said, with this win Canelo now captured his third Middleweight Title. He now possesses the IBF, WBA, WBC and Ring Magazine Belts. In order to completely unify the Middleweight Division, Alvarez needs to collect the last remaining WBO Belt from Champion Demetrius Andrade. Not an easy task but definitely one well worth the challenge.

Until then, congratulations on your latest great achievement. You truly are the “Kingpin” of the Middleweight Division.


On The Watch “Its All About Canelo Alvarez vs Danny Jacobs”

Middleweight Unification Challenge

Another highly anticipated bout has officially been announced today between Middleweight “Kingpin” IBO, WBA, WBC, Lineal Champion Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2, 35 Kos) and IBF Middleweight Champion Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs (35-2, 29 Kos).

A unification bout has been set for May 4, 2019 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, airing live and exclusively on DAZN and Sky Box Office.

I’m impressed with how Canelo is stepping up and taking on another real challenger in Danny, cause your “Boy” Jacobs is no walk in the park for anyone in the Middleweight Division. Real Talk! Canelo has been on a roll and showing steady improvement, with levels upon levels every time he walked into that squared circle. Canelo is one of the best pound-for-pound in the “Game“ today and a win against Jacobs could possibly move him up closer to that No. 1 spot on the pound-for-pound list in my eyes.

That being said, Jacobs is cut from a different cloth. He’s a thoroughbred who’s been down before but fought his way back to the top and re-established himself as a very worthy opponent who’s ready to shock the world come fight night. There is a lot riding on this fight for both combatants but for Jacobs, this is his second chance and possibly his last at unifying the Division, so coming short of accomplishing his goal is not in the plans.

Styles makes fights and with this in mind I can’t wait to see how this one plays out. This is a real 50/50 fight where both warriors are strong, agile, ring savvy with a very high boxing IQ. Aside from the height and reach difference between the two, the real denominator will be which one will have the better “Game Plan” come fight night.

There are levels to this Boxing sh*t, so tune in Saturday night May 4, 2019, exclusively on DAZN and Sky Box Office or better yet be there live at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to witness two of the best Middleweights battling it out for “supremacy” of the Division.

The time has come, who will triumph?


On The Watch “Its All About Demetrius Andrade vs Artur Akavol”

WBO Middleweight Challenge

Last night, on DAZN at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden, Demetrius Andrade (27-0, 17 Kos) successfully defended his WBO Middleweight Title against fringe contender Artur Akavov (19-3, 8 Kos).

This bout was a glorified sparring session in my eyes. There are levels to this boxing sh*t and as good as a boxer Akavov was on that night he was levels below Andrade. Real Talk! Andrade controlled every round from start to finish. Andrade was sharp and busy with his hands but Artur was in plain survivor mode and only showed signs of life sporadically. He actually connected with some good shots in the ninth round but other than that Akavov wasn’t competitive enough.

Demetrius was on way to a unanimous decision by the 12th round until the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight with less than 30 seconds left in the round after Akavov got hit with three heavy shots in a row that made him stumble back.

That being said, I personally think that the stoppage was unjustified. Artur had no chance of winning this bout but definitely deserved the right go out on his shield like a warrior should.

With this win Demetrius secured his fist defence of his WBO Middleweight Title and banked in some much-needed rounds.

Controversy aside, Demetrius is still a major player in the Middleweight Division; however, it’s time to step up to some better competition. Who’s next?


On The Watch “Its All About Demetrius Andrade vs Walter Kautondokwa”

WBO Middleweight Championship

Last night, at TD Garden in Boston, Billy Joe Saunders (26-0, 12 Kos) was supposed to make a mandatory defense of the WBO Middleweight Title against Demetrius Andrade (26-0, 16 Kos) but due to Saunders testing positive for a banned stimulant, on the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association banned substances, BJ voluntarily gave up his WBO Middleweight Title.

With the WBO Middleweight Title now vacant, top-ranked Andrade challenged the WBO’s No. 2 contender Walter Kautondokwa (17-1, 16 Kos) last night and he did not disappoint us.

For someone who last fought a year ago, Andrade showed absolutely no signs of rust. Andrade dominated Kautondokwa from start to finish. As good as Walter’s record stood, he was simply outclassed by a top-rated Boxer of Andrade’s caliber.

Demetrius established himself early by dropping Walter’s in the opening round, the third round and twice again in the fourth round. That being said I still gotta tip my “B” hat to Kautondokwa for having a heart of a “Lion” to withstand such punishment and still stand tall for the full twelve rounds. Walter’s took this opportunity on a two-week notice and did the best he could. He showed up and proved he belonged in this Division just not quite ready for this level of competition.

In an exciting and convincing performance, Andrade is now a Three Time Two Division World Champion by picking up the vacant WBO Middleweight Title.

Congratulations Champ, now stay active and keep this momentum going.

Now on to the next.


On The Watch “Its All About Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin”

Middleweight World Champion

Last night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, in front of a sellout crowd of 21,965, a New “King” in the Middleweight Division was crowned. Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 Kos) has now dethroned the previous Pound-for-Pound “King” of the Middleweight Division Gennady “GGG” Golovkin (38-1-1, 34 Kos).

With this win Canelo is once again the Lineal Champion with some new added hardware to his name, the IBO, WBA, and WBC Middleweight Titles are now in his possession.

This bout was simply a beautiful display of two highly skilled boxers fighting for the “supremacy” of the Middleweight Division. This second time around really felt like a continuation of their first encounter but with the added adjustment especially from Canelo.

There was absolutely no shortage of excitement last night, Canelo walked it like he talked it and backed it up as promised inside that squared circle. Canelo said he was going to be there inside the center of the Ring and he meant it. From the first round to the twelfth, Canelo stayed engaged and pressed it on Gennady round after round. That being said Gennady didn’t shy away from Canelo either, they both fought back and forth but to everybody’s surprise Canelo still stood his ground and in my eyes was definitely landing the more consistent power shots between the two which was very surprising considering Gennady is the known stalker with the heavier hands but on this night, Canelo handled himself exceptionally well. Real Talk!

Truth be told this bout, once again could have easily been called a draw because the rounds were so damn close to call but I have to tip my “B” hat to your Boy Canelo for sticking to the game plan at hand and administering “GGG” his first defeat of his professional career. This by no means, was not an easy fight for either combatant but definitely one to be proud of for the winner considering the level of difficulty each combatant presented inside that squared circle.

Congratulations Canelo on imposing your will and becoming the New Middleweight “King” of the Division. This is a win well deserved.


On The Watch “Its All About Billy Joe Saunders vs Demetrius Andrade”

WBO Middleweight Challenge

The World Boxing Organization has mandated Billy Joe Saunders (26-0, 12 Kos) to defend his WBO Middleweight Title against former WBO/WBA 154-pound Champion Demetrius Andrade (25-0, 16 Kos).

This bout right here has the potential of being one of the best fights made in the Middleweight Division for the year 2018. Real Talk! I’ve seen firsthand what BJ brings to that squared circle. The dismantling of his previous opponent (our Canadian) David Lemieux, showed me just how crafty and dominant BJ can be when focussed.

That being said, I’m anticipating BJ to step it up another level when he bumps gloves with Andrade who himself is quite an exceptional boxer with a very high IQ inside that squared circle. Again, there are levels to this boxing sh*t and these two are definitely going to give us a great performance to remember. This will most likely be a chess match type dual. Both are crafty and strategic when they fight. Both use the full ring to their advantage. Andrade is more of a come forward type boxer who moves very well while BJ is best fighting of the back foot while being very elusive himself.

Expect a brilliant boxing match from two of the best in the game come Saturday October 20, 2018 at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

The stakes are high for both combatants. Both are out to prove that they are the No. 1 Middleweight in the Division. BJ is the defending WBO Champion planning on being victorious, while Andrade will be attempting to become a two weight Division Champion by snatching that WBO Belt away from Saunders.

The outcome of this bout will once again shift the Middleweight Division so tune in to DAZN, the new platform for Matchroom Boxing USA and enjoy two of boxing’s finest duke it out under the bright lights.


On The Watch “Its All About Showtime Premier Boxing Champions and Mayweather Promotions”








Showtime Boxing Night

What a night!! Last night, Saturday April 21, 2018, Mayweather Promotions and Showtime Premier Boxing Champions delivered us another exciting tripleheader at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn New York. Real Talk!

First up was undefeated Gervonta Davis (20-0, 19 Kos) who became a Two-Time World Champion by annihilating in a devastating fashion Jesus Cuellar (28-3, 21 Kos) to pick up the vacant WBA 130-pound World Championship Belt.

There ‘s level to this Boxing sh*t and this young shooter has been leaps above his competition to date. REAL TALK! It took Gervonta less than 3 rounds to dispose of his worthy opponent. Three knockdowns, heavy accurate power shots and spectacular movement, were just too much for Jesus Cuellar to handle. Gervonta came ready to rumble and performed, as a Champion should.

Gervonta is truly the present and the future of this Super Featherweight Division.
Congratulations Champ on being the youngest Champion to ever do it this good.

Who really wants it next??

In the co-feature, undefeated Jermall Charlo (27-0, 21 Kos) overpowered Hugo Centeno (26-2, 14 Kos) with some heavy combinations and stopping him in the second round. EASYYY WORK! It was a total mismatch with no resistance whatsoever. The Kid is a “Beast” inside that squared circle hands down. With this win Jermall became Interim WBC Middleweight Champion and now mandatory to Gennady Golovkin.

The Middleweight Division just got shook with this one cause your Boy Charlo is coming for that No.1 Spot.

Congratulations Champ you are officially a Two-Time and Two-Division World Champion on the come up!

In the main event, in a catch–weight at 144 pounds, Adrian “The Problem” Broner (33-3-1 24 Kos) and Jessie Vargas (28-2-2, 10 Kos) battled to a controversial majority draw.

Real Talk! This bout was tight from start to finish; Broner performed way better than his last two outings in my eyes. He looked fit strong and his energy was much better. Vargas was on point early but seemed to be fading as the rounds wore on. Dude is tough though he never gave up when sh*t got popping. Kid definitely got heart.

Personally, I think that if Broner would have let his hands go just a little bit more sh*t would have been clear to all three judges. That being said a draw is not a loss and both can do it over again if need be.

Bottom line this was a good night of Boxing.

Your thoughts on this one?


On The Watch “Its All About Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin”

Middleweight World Supremacy Battle Take 2!

The Battle of the Middleweight World Supremacy between Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 KOs) and Gennady Golovkin (37-0-1, 33 KOs) is back on once again on May 5th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

This highly anticipated sequel between these two badass Middleweights has taken a life of its own. Both fighters feel like they both did enough last September 16, 2017 to walk away with the win. The 12-round split draw has left them both with a sour taste in their mouth and the only way to get rid of it is to battle it out and take the Judges out of the equation one time!

As expected the trash talking has been quietly building up some steam as of late from both sides. Canelo is talking real greasy about guaranteeing a knockout while Golovkin is stating that he will put in some heavy bodywork to slow down the pit-bull from moving around all over the place. Golovkin will be aiming to breakdown Canelo systematically round by round.

They both have tasted each other’s best shots so hopefully the fear factor is out the window and these two combatants meet up in the center of the ring and go blow for blow. Both have very exceptional skills that will come into play. Canelo is very elusive with exceptional Boxing IQ.

Golovkin’s Boxing IQ is also exceptional but his style is that of a more aggressive fighter who doesn’t like to waste too much energy when he’s putting in that work inside that squared circle.

Neither fighter appeared badly hurt at any point during their initial clash but I’m thinking this go around someone is definitely going to feel some serious pain. What we the fans need and want from our fighters is the best to fight the best but that only comes second to what these two-determined combatants want to accomplish and that’s a clear-cut winner come Saturday night May 5th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

All the Middleweight Belts WBC, IBO, WBA, IBF are at stake and there can only be one clear Champion.

Who you got on Take 2 of this Battle of the Middleweight World Supremacy?