On The Watch “It’s All About The-Dream aka Radio Killa”

The-Dream aka Radio Killa is a gifted artist whose credentials in the Game speak for itself. Dream is a successful R&B/Pop, singer-songwriter and recording producer with a mean pen game. His writing skills are so tight that in a short period of time Dream has already picked up 3 Grammy Awards from his Songwriting Credit alone, courtesy of Beyonce and Rihanna. In 2007 Dream came in with a BANG.

He dropped his first studio LP in “Love Hate” and collected his first award as Best New Artist at the 2008 BET Awards. Personnel accolades aside Dream as successfully released 4 full lenghts LP’s to date with his fifth recently released LP entitled “IV Play“.

Each of his preceding albums carried HEAT BANGERS. REAL TALK! Judging by his extensive collaboration book from then and now, it’s clear that Mr. Radio Killa ‘s got some sure shots and hidden gems on his latest offering to keep his Radio play in steady rotation REAL TALK!

For those who haven’t yet sampled some of Dream’s body of work, peep my DJ Blaze/The-Dream set on my mixtape sections and hear why The-Dream is the “Radio Killa” of the R&B Game.


On The Watch “It’s All About Jemaine Dupri and So So Def”

This music Game we live in can either break you or make you. REAL TALK! Some People come and go in this Game without ever being notice or appreciated. But once you’ve figured out the ins and outs of the business, the sky becomes your only limit. Jemaine Dupri did just that and never looked back. For those who don’t know or haven’t heard of JD, here is a quick run down. JD is a musical genius and one who’s worn many hats in the Game and broke a lot of records in the Business. He’s a Producer, Songwriter, Rapper and CEO of his own Record Label So So Def Recording.

From 1992 till this present day, JD has help guide some of the careers of quite a few artists of the likes of, Kris Kross, Xscape, TLC, The Brat, Bow Wow and also worked and produce for the likes of Usher, Jagged Edge, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Monica just to name a few…Jemaine has a keen ear for music and a crazy eye for talent REAL TALK! With that being said you peeps should look up some of his newer artist coming out of the So So Def staples with the likes of Dondria, Leah Labelle and Fresco Kane. These kats along side JD are destined to hit the charts and cement their name in the Game just like his entire previous artist on So So Def. JD’s entire career speaks for itself, the man is a hit maker who dominated the charts all year round, and I’m talking Number-one songs, Top-Ten hits, Top-Forty hits, name it he’s done it…he’s even taken the rmx Game and flip it in a way that can only be duplicated by some of todays producers…REAL TALK!

As I write this write up Jermaine Dupri has once again reached another milestone to put under his belt as another personnel achievement. His Record Company So So Def Recording that he founded in 1992 has now reached the 20 Year mark, a feet only grasped by a hand full of people REAL TALK! JD survived the ups and downs of the music business and cemented his legacy once and for all.

Congratulation JD! To commemorate his latest achievement Jermaine Dupri will be hosting a So So Def 20th Anniversary Concert, which will take place on Saturday February 23, 2013 at Fox Theatre in Atlanta…. I’m sure its going to be a night to remember…peep the show if your still in the area but until then peep my

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On The Watch “It’s All About Rick Ross”

Rick Ross just finished another chart topping year 2011. REAL TALK! I’m talking Clubs, Radio and the Hoods from coast to coast were rocking Rozay daily REAL HEAVY. Peeps need to appreciate Ross’s work ethic and the quality of the work he’s been able to put out for the masses to enjoy.

Ross has been in high demand on the feature side; killing it alongside his own MMG crew, with R&B artists or his peers in the game looking to get a Rozay assisted sure shot banger. Ross’s business ventures also looked real good, his MMG Brand played a big part in carving a name for some of his artist from the camp who along side Rozay killed the R&B/HIP HOP charts. His presence was definitely felt in the year 2011.

Not even two back-to-back seizures suffered while touring could stop this man’s drive to achieve and overpower the game. His hard work and dedication to his craft have not gone unnoticed, The Source Magazine named Rick Ross Man Of The Year 2011 for the 2nd time. A title well deserved to the BIGGEST BOSS in the game this far.

Be on the look out for Ross’s 5th solo LP called “God Forgives I Don’t” due out this year. Until then peep my DJ Blaze Rick Ross Takeover set on my mixtapes section, MMG is the Movement!


On The Watch “It’s All About Busta Rhymes”

Busta Rhymes first got his start with the group Leaders Of The New School back in 1989, but his coming of age to the game came in 1992 as one of the members of LONS to be featured on A Tribe Called Quest’s posse cut “Scenario”. Busta took the track and laced a verse so hard and memorable that till this day, still stands has a hit record for the ages. That record got so many spins that Busta’s name started to ring bells in the Hip Hop game and his career has a solo artist took of from that point on.

Busta is a rare breed of an MC; and as a seasoned vet in the game his style is unique and animated like no other. Whether he’s a feature on an R&B/DANCE/HIP HOP tracks, Busta will always deliver a scorching verse. REAL TALK! He has so many hit records under his belt that his stocks in the game just keep on raising. Busta is simply a BEAST on the mic, the kind of MC that’s in no rush to bow down any time soon. Peep my DJ Blaze/Busta Rhymes Takeover set on my mixtapes section, It’s BANGIN!!


On The Watch “It all about R.Kelly”

There’s a lot of male R&B artists in the game claiming to being the best out right now, granted some artists have the drive and the momentum to claim that feeling right now, but REAL TALK you can‘t spell R&B without the R meaning Mr. R. Kelly, the dude from Chi Town that’s been killing the airwaves since his debut in 1989.

Kell’s is an R&B singer-songwriter, arranger, performer, music video director and record producer. REAL TALK! The man is known for crafting some crazy hits and I’m not talking just on the R&B tip, with the help of some of the Heavy Hitters in the rap game Kell’s was able to create a new lane in the game of Hip Hop/R&B and by doing so he raised the bar up and changed the whole concept of how Hip Hop/R&B should be received and appreciated.

Till this day Kell’s is still the Head Of State of the Hip Hop/R&B game REAL TALK! All the new artists coming out right now should stop throwing rocks at the Throne and instead take a page from Kell’s music book and learn what it takes to stay and still be relevant in this game. REAL TALK! Check out my DJ Blaze/R.Kelly takeover set on my mixtapes section, its TIMELESS!!

On The Watch “Jay- Z’ s Book Decoded “

To all my Blazinone.com fans that follows Jay-Z and enjoy his music like I do, you all need to do yourselves a favor and cop that Decoded book. I’ve been a huge fan of Jay’s and I’m talking before he blew up to the rest of the world.

I always though I knew everything there was to know about Jay but after reading this book I felt like Jay gave us a more personnel look inside his brilliant mind and take on life has he sees it. In this book Jay brings us back to where it all begin, he gives us a vivid picture of what it was like growing up in Bed-Stuy Marcy projects and the sources of his inspiration. We as fans get to see Jay as the artist who then becomes the great entrepreneur/businessman we have grown to admirer.

The depth of his rapping skills alone shook me, and I’m one who listens to Jay daily, but being able to read how he dissected some of his favorite tracks was a treat I couldn’t believe I was receiving. The man is a genius and I enjoyed reading every part of the book from the start to the end. REAL TALK!! Peeps shouldn’t sleep on this book cause it’s a sure shot collectible.


On The Watch “Rick Ross and Trey Songz”

I’ve been watching the moves that Rick Ross has made since his first appearance back in 2006, and I gotta say that this dude is serious. Homey hasn’t stop since he step foot in the game. The self proclaimed Boss of MIAMI and Hip Hop’s heavy weight, is finally coming to his own and creating his own lane that can’t go unnoticed by his peers. REAL TALK! Ross has had countless hits blaring out in the clubs and on the radio, whether its him on his own or as a feature on R&B tracks, Ross comes in hard and delivers nothing less then hot topping chart tracks. The drive that Ross has displayed through out the year 2010 will definitely carry over to the New Year 2011 to come. Check out my DJ Blaze/Rick Ross takeover set and see what I’m talking about!


It’s been quite a journey for my man Trey Songz, ever since he jump on the opportunity to open for Jay-Z in late 2009, Trey’s life movement have been nothing but positive. He’s swag has been on some next level shit, he’s been dropping hits after hits and all of them have been chart-topping tracks for the clubs and for the radio. He’s also been quite the guest feature on many heavy hitters A list like Diddy, Rick Ross, T.I., Fat Joe and Drake just to name a few. The man is killing the airwaves right now; this year has definitely been his best music wise. I expect nothing less from him for the New Year 2011. Keep doing ya thang Trey.