On The Watch “It’s All About The Game”



Hate him or love Him, your Boy Game is definitely a major player in the West Coast scene right now keeping it popping. For someone who came into the game under Dr. Dre’s guidance, as his most Prominent Protégé, Game has undeniably lived up to the hype surrounding him.

From dropping his first Certified Platinum LP “The Documentary” in 2005 to shortly after being dropped from G-Unit, one can’t help but see the growth Game had displayed throughout those difficult times in his career. Peeps in the industry had pretty much written him off, only to see the city of Compton stand behind him and back him up all the way to the top of the charts without the help of Dr. Dre or 50 Cent.

By doing so Game proved to himself and his peers that when focus your Boy is a BEAST on wax. Game got bars and can unquestionably hold his own with the best of them whether on a Hip Hop track or as a guess feature on an R&B track. Game is not one to spit some weak shit. With 4 studio albums complete with hits and a set of hidden gems on each and every one of them; Game’s 5th LP “Jesus Piece” is destine to hit the top of the charts and showcase just how much of a REAL MC he really is on the Mic.

REAL TALK! Peep my DJ Blaze/Game set on my mixtapes section and see how the WEST keeps it Blazin.

On The Watch “It’s All About Snoop Dogg”

Snoop Dogg aka The Doggfather is a rapper, record producer and actor from the West Coast, who blazed himself quite a career under the leadership of another well known figure Dr. Dre. REAL TALK, you can’t spell the West Coast without ever mentioning the name “Snoop Dogg”. There’s only a few of them in the game today from the old school to the new school doing it BIG while being relevant till this day and Snoop is definitely a HEAVYWEIGHT ICONIC VET still killing the game like he’s a freshman on Campus.

Snoop is not your typical rapper but one that is able to rock to any genre of music out there. There’s a lot any new artist in the game could learn from just being around him. Snoop is a hard and driven worker and with the help of a successful music career has managed to BRAND himself in other profitable ventures like his own Snoop Dogg 40 Oz Malt Liquor, Adidas, Boost Mobile cell phone, Chrysler 300 and Snoop Dogg clothing, just to name a few.

With 11 well-received LP’s under his belt, Snoop shows no sign of stopping any time soon. REAL TALK! Be on the lookout for his latest LP called Reincarnated due out some time this year, until then peep my DJ Blaze/Snoop Dogg Takeover set on my mixtapes section its another BANGER!!!


On The Watch “Dj Blaze’s Top 5 Guest Spitters”

My Top 5 Guest Spitters

Whether it’s Hip Hop/R&B or POP tracks. These Kats can really spits some shit and having them on your tracks can help push your stocks in the game. REAL TALK
First up is my man Hov, some may disagree for the simple fact that Hov is very selective when it comes down to doing features and he will break the bank with his, but lets be real, when the man blesses you with one of his verses it’s a rap, having Jay on your track will make you step your own game up on the lyrical side. On the flip side of things your track is in HEAVY rotation whether it’s in the club or on the radio.

Next up we have Busta Rhymes, one of the best in the game, he probably spits most of his best verses has a feature on tracks. His energy alone demands your attention, his verses makes you sit up the first time you hear it and press REPEAT!!

Next up we have my man Yeezy, Kanye is the type of feature that once you have him on your track you gotta be willing to loose your spotlight for a quick minute cause Homie goes in on you like his ready to murk you on your own shit!! REAL TALK.

Next up it’s my man Luda, he’s very versatile in a lot of area and very animated like a Busta Rhymes. He’s been known to outshine a number of established artists and destroyed them on their own shit as a feature.

Next in line we have Weezy, the man has produced so many guest verses in such a short time that you could put out LP’s out of all of them. Wayne rips up tracks like he owns the masters, and like the others on this list he’s also destroyed his share of features to the point where they felt like abandoning ship.
Now you guys don’t have to agree with whom I picked for my top guest spitters but lets be real, all of these Kats are well-established artists and respected in the game, a cosign from anyone of them can definitely help your exposure and if your budget is phat then you can shoot the video to help boost your own LP. REAL TALK