On The Watch “It’s All About Verse Simmonds”

Verse Simmonds has been roaming and bubbling under the radar for far too long. This Kat is a serious force to be reckoned with in this here music “GAME”. His talent alone speaks volume. Unlike some of the artists out right now copycatting is not in his DNA. REAL TALK! Verse’s work ethic at being different with his sound and delivery is apparent in his latest offering LP “To All The Girls”.

His vivid imagination, confidence and word play is on point on this Album along with a tight production. The ladies will definitely feel the “HEAT” on this Album. REAL TALK! Verse is a hell of a talented Producer, Songwriter, Singer with a mean “Pen Game”alongside a few chart topping “Heavy Hitters” under his belt of the likes of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. Peeps should stop sleeping on this Kat and cop the Album ASAP cause your Boy Verse is seriously on the come up!

To get familiar with some of his previous hits peep my DJ Blaze/Verse Simmonds takeover set on my mixtapes section and let you ears capture what you’ve been missing. REAL TALK!


On The Watch “IT’s All About Bobby Brackins”

One of Cali’s “Hidden Gem” in Super Songwriter Bobby Brackins is killing the airwaves with the release of his latest EP “To Live For.” B. Brackins has been penning gems for quite a few chart topping artist in the Game to date but this EP “To Live For” we get to hear just how talented B. Brackins is when he’s at the far front and not in the cut blessing other artist with them club popping joints. REAL TALK!

B. Brackins stayed true to himself and delivered us “another hit for the radio station.” His extensive ear for “Dope Beats” is on full display along with the right features that make this EP a sure shot for the summer.

B. Brackins is a self-made artist who’s been at it for quite some time but his steady grind and “PEN Game” is proof that his hard work to date is finally paying off. Cop the EP “To Live For” you will not be disappointed.

Keep your ears and eyes on this Kat and peep my DJ Blaze/Bobby Brackins takeover set on my mixtapes section and hear just how B. Brackins keeps the clubs popping!!


On The Watch “It’s All About Breezy”

These past few years have been very challenging on a personal level for Breezy, but don’t let the personal issues blind your judgement on this Kat cause your Boy Breezy is a “BEAST “on the grind once again. Breezy finished the Year 2014 on the top and started the New Year 2015 still blazin it up. REAL TALK!

Hits after Hits, Features after Features, your Boy stays high charting them tracks. Breezy has every music outlet on “LOCK” The Radio stations, The Clubs, Video play and the Blogs all over are Blazin up his “HITS” on a daily.

(Blazinone.com included) Good luck to the competition trying to derail this Kat off that No. 1 Spot that he’s been holding cause when focus your Boy is the “TRUTH” The Fan Of Fan 2 LP with Tyga is set to drop this month and judging by the production and the “HIT” records blazon up that LP already, Breezy has once again outdone himself and placed the Hip Hop/R&B world on notice that he and his Partner in Crime (T-Raw) are not to be F*ck with.

The body of work displayed on this LP is definitely going to be blazin the airwaves steady in high rotation. Till then peep my DJ Blaze/Breezy Takeover set on my mixtape section and become a fan of a fan.


On The Watch “It’s All About Ty Dolla $ign”

Ty Dolla $ign Is another up and coming “Quadruple Threat”, Grammy-nominated Singer, Rapper, and Producer from the West Coast that has been tearing up the airwaves with his own unique and distinctive raspy voice in demand REAL HEAVY on them Hip Hop/R&B tracks. REAL TALK! Dude got that “JUICE” right now and along with his two partners DJ Mustard and YG, the WESTSIDE hasn’t stop bringing in the “HEAT” steady climbing on them charts. REAL TALK!

Ty is not your typical crooner for hire; this Kats “PEN” Game is just as serious. Ty has already co-written or produced work with some movers and shakers in the Game of the likes of Chris Brown, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, B.o.B and Jennifer Lopez just to name a few.

With a slew of mixtapes under his belt to date and his latest EP “Sign Language” out right now, one can truly appreciate his writing ability and special ear for music displayed throw-out his body of work.

Ty is the “TRUTH” and if your still skeptic about him and his music then you should check out my DJ Blaze/Ty Dolla $ign set on my mixtapes section and become a believer of true talent at work.


On The Watch “It’s All About J-Lo”

Bronx’s New York Latina Bomb shells very own Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny From The Block; aka J-Lo is an Iconic Artist who started her journey has a Fly Girl Dancer on In Living Color in 1991 to becoming the highest paid Latin Entertainer till this day. REAL TALK!

Jenny has work long and hard to attain everything ever given to her. She’s a well-seasoned actor, singer, producer, fashion designer and skillful dancer who’s always ready to tear the floor down on any given night. Jenny’s Global Iconic stature has help build her ever-growing Business Empire outside of being a serious hit in films and music. Jenny is one woman in my eyes that’s never fallen off.

She stays looking sexy in every way possible with a self work ethic that any aspiring artist/actor can truly appreciate. With nine well-received LP’s already under her belt to date, it’s only right that Jenny From The Block returns back to the “HOOD” to share what she’s learn through out her astonishing career.

Her latest offering Album is called “A.K.A.” And judging by the sounds and features aligned on this Album J-Lo is definitely rejuvenated and back on the “BLOCK” reppin her swag heavy on them tracks. REAL TALK!

Peeps shouldn’t sleep on this LP cause your Girl J-Lo has gotten some sure shots to keep her fans moving. To get familiar with her work peep my DJ Blaze/J-Lo set on my mixtapes section and grasps the stroll down Bronx New York.


On The Watch ” It’s All About TeeFLii”

Los Angeles has been breathing some serious talented artist into the Game as of late. Next to “Blow” out of South Central is R&B Singer, Rapper and Producer TeeFlii. This Kat’s style is different from the norm.

His approach in which he crafts his songs and laces up his beats is hypnotic. His smooth but yet jagged way of displaying out his lyrics seem to mesmerize the ladies into a frenzy of pure “panty dropping action” whenever he drops a hit record. REAL TALK! This Kat has the gift of jabs in his “PEN” Game and a profound ear for producing music.

Clearly well displayed in his previously released mixtapes: AnnieRUO’TAY, AnnieRUO’TAY 2, AnnieRUO’TAY 3 (Who The F*ck Is Annie?) and his collaboration with DJ Mustard Fireworks. Flii’s body of work so far has garnered him some serious attention in the Hip Hop/R&B world. He’s in high demand for features right now and the Clubs, the Radio stations and the Streets are rocking with him real “HEAVY”.

With that being said its only fitting that CEO of Epic Records L.A. Reid scooped him up and offered Flii his deal before it became too late cause this Kat’s future is looking brighter and brighter by the day. REAL TALK! Be on the lookout for TeeFlii’s official LP “Starr” to be release sometime this year 2014.

Until then peep my DJ Blaze/TeeFlii set on my mixtapes section and hear how one entertains the ladies.


On The Watch “It’s All About Trey Songz”

Trigga debuted 2 mix tapes on November 1, 2011, LemmeHolDatBeat2, which is a Hiphop/R&B mix tape and Anticipation 2, which is the R&B mix tape. REAL TALK! I don’t understand why my man Trigga called them both mix tapes, these 2 freebees that Trey blessed us with are arguably better then half the shit that’s coming out right now REAL TALK!

On LemmeHolDatBeat2 Trigga’s delivery is so tight and on point on them beats that I’m sure some of these rappers out right now are tripping over this R&B artist who can jump ship on any given day of the week and murk it.

Trey is not just an R&B artist trying to rap; he does this for real and is believable. HIPHOP/R&B is the shit right now and my man Trigga is putting everybody on notice by killing every track he’s rockin. REAL TALK!

Thugs and Gangsta’s can bump Trey’s tracks and feel no way about it cause your Boy Trigga is the TRUTH with his…On Anticipation 2, Trigga shows everybody once again why he’s called “Mr. Steal Ya Girl” The ladies love his swagga-oozing, charismatic freaky side. Trey definitely channels Kell’s panty dropping styles of flow but with a twist of Trigga added to it to make this a memorable mix tape for the ladies to drool over until his 5th album Chapter 5 becomes available in 2012.