Celtics-Heat Game 7 will forever be remembered has the end of an era. I tip my “B” hat to the Miami Heat and their 3 Headed Monsters (Wade, James and Bosh) for qualifying for the final spot of the NBA Finals. My Celtics gave it a good run but the Fantastic 4 (Rondo, Ray, Pierce and Garnett) and the rest of the team couldn’t close out the game and eventually fell to a better team on that night, but lets not get it twisted, REAL TALK my Celts went down fighting till the last call.

While everybody had counted them out before the playoffs started, my Celts showed the world and all their NAY Sayers what toughness along with real good team chemistry could accomplish as a Strong Unit. Even though my Celts came up short in their final quest, the Blue Print has already been set for the next generation of Celtics to come and take over from where this great Celtics team left off. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” (Kevin Garnett voice)


On The Watch ” It’s All About Celtics-Heat Game 7″
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