NBA Playoffs

It’s that time of the year again to show up or go home early REAL TALK! Any way you want to spin it, this year’s basketball season was a HELL of a surprise to me. REAL TALK! I would have never predicted the All-star Squad that the Lakers possessed this year would have been walking into the Western Conference playoffs as a seven seed or that my beloved Celtics would have been crawling their way into the playoffs in the eighth and final spot in the Eastern Conference. (Unreal!!) True say; uncontrolled injuries to key players definitely played a SERIOUS factor in this year’s season but if there’s one thing I can’t front on is the Miami Heat and their 3 Headed Monsters.

Them Dudes dominated through out the whole season REAL TALK! Their 27-Game winning streak put the league on notice that this year’s playoff is going to be EPIC. Them Dudes over there in Miami are looking HUNGRY for that O’Bryan Trophy. REAL TALK! Now the Million Dollar question is “Who is going to dethrone the Heat in their Quest to recapture that elusive peace of Gold?” Tune in to The NBA Playoffs, which are set to start this Saturday April 20, 2013. Let the Games begin!!!


On The Watch ” It’s All About The 2013 NBA Playoffs”
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