The NBA-Who’s On Top?

We are at the Quarter mark for this year NBA Season and The Defending NBA Champs The Golden State Warriors haven’t lost a step since last years NBA Finals. REAL TALK! The Defending Champs are well above their competitors with a comfortable record of 23-0 and showing no sign of relinquishing their No. 1 Spot any time soon. With the steady amazing play of Reigning MVP Stephen Curry and a tight knit crew of teammates, knocking the Warriors off their tracks right now doesn’t seem likely anytime soon. The only other team in The West making any type of noise right now are The San Antonio Spurs with their record of 18-4.

Peeps shouldn’t be surprise by this Team cause they stay consistent with their play year after year.
As expected in The East The Cleveland Cavaliers are owners of the No. 1 Spot with a record of 14-7 but the question remains for how long since the surprising rise in play of The Miami Heat 12-7, and the steady play of The Chicago Bulls, and The Indiana Pacers heavily breathing down the Cavs necks. I’m sure by the mid point of The Season the rotation over in The EAST will definitely be different. REAL TALK! East Coast Ball is steadily improving making things very interesting on any given night. Tune In!!

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