The NBA-Who’s on Top?

With a quarter of the regular season down and at least 20 games accounted for each team. The only clear cut surprise to me right now is how truly deep the West looks compared to the East so far. Real Talk! The Western Conference is in a battle within itself.

Them Dudes on the West are really stepping their game up. As we speak representing the No. 1 Spot for this week is none other then Portland who are sitting with an early standing of 18-4 and if you were to run down the possible 8 seeded teams to qualify for the playoffs today none of them are below the 500 PCT mark (nuff said) I can’t say the same for the Eastern Conference, having seen some uninspected reoccurring injuries to some key players and the lack of cohesiveness and team play from some promising teams, we are left with only 3 teams over the 500 PCT mark.

Indiana this week is holding strong with an early standing of 18-3 (unreal!) These Dudes are not playing around this year. Not far behind are The Defending Champs Miami with a record of 16-5 and Atlanta with their record of 11-10. Now if the playoffs were to start today none of the remaining qualifying teams would be entering the playoff with a winning record. Now that’s CRAZY!!!

Now with that being said the only good thing out of all of this is that there is still lost of games to be played and the landscaped for either conference could change at any given time. I can’t front though it is nice seeing some different faces sitting at the top for a change, even if it is only for a short time.


On The Watch “It’s All About The NBA-Who’s on Top”

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