It’s that time again. The new NBA season is set to start October 30, 2012. A full 82 games in effect. Predictions have been poring since the summer ended and the Lakers went out and got themselves an All Star line up only seen at the All Star games. The sports God’s out there are going all out and calling the NBA finals already.

Heat vs Lakers. Come on Ref! There’s a full season of ball to be played and nuff teams including my Celtics have made some serious adjustment to tackle the newly Crowned Miami Heat’s 3 Headed Monsters. Lets be clear, this season will not be a cakewalk by no means for them 2 teams or any other teams looking to climb up that ladder, REAL TALK! Nonetheless new rivalries are being formed this year as we speak…Check out the Brooklyn Nets vs New York Knicks on Thursday night November 1, 2012.

The 5 Burrows will definitely be inside The Barclays Center (BROOKLYN’S NETS BUILDING) representing LARGE on that night. Aside from battling all the other teams in the league these 2 teams will be fighting for the right to claim Brooklyn as their own stomping grounds. WHO’S HOUSE? IT’S MY HOUSE! (RUN DMC Voice)


On The Watch “It’s All About The Start to the 2012 NBA Session”
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