Its that time of the year again when MTV News’ Hip Hop Brain Trust confuse the Hip Hop world by unveiling to the masses their version of the Hottest 10 MC’s In The Game for 2011.
The criteria required were as fallowed: 1) Impact 2) Buzz 3) Sales 4) Lyrics 5) Swag 6) Intangibles.

MTV bequeathed Ross with the #1 spot. REAL TALK! Ross definitely killed it in every criteria HANDS DOWN, (no dispute there) but from 2 to 10 we definitely need a referee in the

Building for this one. Peep what I’m talking about.

1-Rick Ross
3-Kanye West
4-Nicki Minaj
5-Lil Wayne
7-Meek Mill
8-Big Sean
9-Wiz Khalifa


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