Last Train To Paris is Diddy’s 5th studio album but you’d never know it the way he’s been on his grind promoting it like crazy. Diddy’s been on every talk show, day and night, MTV News, 106 and Park for the whole week of December 13 to 17th, SNL, The View and even threw in a performance last night for the third annual WWE Tribute to the Troops of America.

Diddy’s been going at it hard and you really can’t front on him. REAL TALK! Hate him or love him the man is a self-promotional team, the kind of dude you want on your team. Although his first week sales have been predicted to be his lowest to come out to date, Peeps should still take notice of this Pioneers drive and self-motivation cause no amount of sales good/bad can teach you that, REAL TALK! Keep doing you Diddy I respect your grind. –Peep the LP it’s tight!!


On The Watch “Last Train To Paris is Diddy’s 5th studio album”
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